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ERP implementation entails a huge expenses and does not require a numerous years to implement. It needs an extensive planning and hard work that super headed by a group of professionals. Unavailability of a proper planning might result into a total failure in the implementation of ERP thereby leading to a huge financial loss for the company, and such circumstances are very common.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has obtained popularity all around the world since 1990, thanks to its outstanding features that helps in the integration of the essential functional units of an organization, and enhancing an easy movement of information from a central repository. Most companies have turned over to the ERP software system to aid the productivity and gain more profit. Overall, the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) assists in keeping tabs on the entire performance of the company, and delivers a proper visibility of the business.

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Implementation of ERP software has to undergo various phases such as planning, procedure assessment, and movement of data, making the in-house staff have a proper knowledge of it, testing, the software usage and its final evaluation. All of these procedures are very important, which are to be adhered strictly. A company has to go through different alterations and adjustments to close the space with the ERP surrounding. This process is known as GAP analysis and it is very essential and involves a large amount of time to ensure successes. On the basis of the GAP analysis, the business model is being structured again to ensure ERP software is easily accessible by users. Structuring the business again entails changing the roles and hierarchy of employees in some cases, comprehensive restructuring and a transformation in the business procedures.

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The group of professionals plays an important role in bringing together of data about the company and a proper planning. These certain ERP software is chosen and tested based on the requirements of the company. These professionals sort out the essential information and move them into the system that connects to Data migration. Selecting the best basis to run the ERP software is a different important procedure in ERP implementation. The basis must be flexible enough to take-in customized ERP applications with a constant up gradations.

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Implementation of an ERP solution is not that much tough task until a proper process is followed properly with both the company as well as with the vendor –

Following are the quick tips which can help you to implement ERP solution successfully

  • Right ERP Selection is one of the most important tasks before even initiating with any other process.
  • Freeze the high level requirements on what modules and department you want to target Giving more time during the selection and high level requirement gathering will reduce your cost drastically
  • Involvement of Lower level employees is important as they are the base user of the system who should be comfortable to the new technology.
  • Opt for Business Requirement Analysis or Functional requirement analysis before you initiate with the implementation
  • If you are still not sure BRD will help you to understand which would be the suitable tool with low cost and already available modules with similar functionalities.
  • Still not sure with software selection then go with a Proof of Concept which is also called as POC to judge the software and vendor capabilities on a particular module
  • Use workflows diagrams, charts wherever possible
  • Understand the working methodology of vendor and if possible divide the implementation in phases this ensures more motivation and less failures.
  • Initiate with base ERP implementation with low customizations to ensure employees start using it.
  • Ask for vendor experience the resources allocation and the resource experience freely from your vendor.
  • Allocate a member from your organization who will keep eye on the development rather adding multiple people this can mess up the requirements and development
  • Always get updated on weekly or daily basis for the progress of the development.

We hope from the above you can implement an ERP software successfully. We have shared our experiences and also like to know from you if we missed any points for this blog post – Please email us on

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