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How to manage your resources in better way with ERP development. For any organization, human resource is the most important and essential element. Human resource acts as an asset for the organization. For any organization, it is the foundation to ensure the production and the activity of that organization. A company spends an enormous amount of money to run and the major part of that amount is spent on hiring employees, training them and developing their skills. Every organization needs to hire an employee, and they also need more stuff during the operations. But the main thing the employers have in mind is that they bring out 100% from their hired employees.

Statistics reveal that all the companies pay an enormous amount of money for their staff. For reducing the organizational cost, there is no other option than to cut staff and with few staffs the corporate operation can be done correctly and on time. Altogether it is a huge activity to control all the staffs and evaluate their performance. Management is also unable to handle that sometimes and that is the reason Enterprise Resource Planning software comes to help the organization to manage all these.

ERP Development helps the organization to increase their productivity and helps managers know about every single corner of the organization accurately. Also, the organizational hierarchy maintains the connection with the top and middle-level management and also with the low-level employee. That helps managers know the things better in the organization and also lower level staff know that to whom they have to submit their productivity reports. The hierarchy is a procedure that increases communication between the employees and also prevents things from getting overlooked. In an organization, it’s hard to manage all the things manually. ERP software increases the ability of the managers to do the job in easy way with proper planning. With that the managers can easily measure, track and respond immediately to the employee for their activities.

A perfect planning is essential for the organization as it not only ensures the productivity of the employee but also tracks the supply and demand chain of the human resource. By having a plan for the human resource, an organization can prevent useless expenditure for their employees. The managers can get the good idea about the production from ERP – Enterprise Resource planning software. ERP development helps the organization to deal not only with its current projects but also with the future projects. The managers can get the time to plan for their upcoming project and the resources that will manage those projects.

We at GlobalTeckz offers you with one of the leading Open source ERP software name as Odoo – Odoo ERP software consist of different modules which manages all your departments such as sales, purchase warehouse, accounting, Human resources and so on . .  GlobalTeckz is official Odoo partner and have succesfully completed more than 70+ Odoo projects. To our readers below are some of the screenshots of Odoo Human resource management Module, further these modules are 100% customizable as per your business requirements. Below are some of the screenshots of Odoo Human resource Management Module

1. Creating a new employee 

HR module of Odoo offers you with systematic creation of your employees with different details that are easy to search with tags, positions job title and so on further you can assigning the number of leaves and personal information.

2. Employee Management

human resource management in odoo, hr module odoo, odoo hr

In one single screen you can manage all your employees, there are easy search box available to understand the details of your employee quickly including email addresses.

3. Odoo Contracts Management

human resource management in odoo, hr module odoo, odoo hr

Manage your outsourced work/ contracts easily with odoo contract management module

4. Application Employee Expenses management

With Odoo Application or expenses management you can easily manage expenses of your employees

the above are just few screenshots of Human resource management module of Odoo – There are many list of features available in Odoo HR and Payroll module that can help your organization to manage your Employee with ERP Development. For more information email us on

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