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Website speed plays a very important part for any website user experience. Page load time of your website or web site speed is considered to be a critical part for enhanced user experience apart from good website design or content. The biggest difference in great and good website is to enhance the user experience which can bring in more business by speed website and web optimizer. In this post we will showcase the importance of website speed in Search engine optimizations and how you can perform web speed test with website testing tools.

The biggest frustration or bouncing of your traffic may arise from slow loading of your web pages, Since it is researched that user cannot wait for more time on a website which loads slow and may click the close button or move to another site.Also with our personal experience a user not only click the top results but also alternatively open other results in new tab – With this you can conclude that visitor may stay on those website or pages which opened up quickly.

Even Google consider site speed or web speed is critical to enhance your Google rankings. The search engine giant has make it very clear that it views a quick loading, performance optimized site much more favorable than a sluggish site. Therefore speedy website will not only enhance your impression with visitors but also with Google rankings so to ensure more visitors are delivered to your website.

How to perform website speed test & website statistics

Checking the website speed is quite easy but before going into technical aspects website speed is calculated on how much time your website takes to load variety of pages during the surfing. One of the tool which is used by us and many SEO companies is Gtmetrix that allows you to understand the score or your website.

What is GTMetrix ?

GTmetrix is a free website speed testing tool that analyzes your page’s speed performance. GTmetrix uses Google Page Speed and Yahoo! YSlow to grade your site’s performance and provides actionable recommendations to fix these issues.

You can simply go to and put the website address which needs to be checked on speed and performance. Gtmetrix will provide you in detail about the average scores and the current score of every aspects of your website. Further it also provides you with the solution on which pages you need to work on for enhancement.

Below is the video we covered on how to check your page speed with GTmetrix this will help you to understand more in detail about the problem areas – Test your website speed with You will find there may be different problems which needs to be resolved technically or with the help of an SEO expert.

How GlobalTeckz can help you perform website speed test & website statistics

Our SEO team have expertise in enhancing and increasing website speed for many customer specifically eCommerce merchants where there are heavy images which needs to be load up quickly so to ensure the web pages are quick for best user experience – you can contact our team on to understand the criticality of your website.

Remember – You may feel your website loads faster as you have frequently visited your website and the pages are cached in your own computer that allows the website to loads faster but for the first time visitor this may not be the case.

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