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Selecting best ERP solution for your business process is one of the most important part before even making implementation decision. ERP software or Enterprise Resource Planning tools are considered as one top and complete software which links your various department and provides with single system that allows you to make powerful decision.

ERP software normally have variety of modules inbuilt and linked to every department that automates well and avoid manual entries and duplication of work. Further ERP modules can be implemented and customize as per the business requirements, which can only be made successful if you have selected right and best ERP solution that suits your business needs and requiremnets.

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Today there are many ERP software available in the market, but selecting a best ERP software as per your business is an important task prior to implementations, since Wrong ERP software selection can harm your time as well as pocket, because ERP implementations can take more than 3 months or  years depending upon the system you are looking out for your business. Therefore it is necessary to compare different software/solution and select the best and correct ERP that suits your business.

Selecting Best ERP software is important to insure success and growth henceforth ERP selection cannot be done by single person from your Organization. Therefore it is necessary to select group of individuals along with the Project Manager or Project Lead who knows in and out about your business, Sound Knowledge about your company, needs, goals, hierarchy, employees is a must. With combination of sound knowledge Features, Customization and Integration can be determine easily with the help of Top management and end users.

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Budget is another area that helps you in selecting right ERP software. There are many times organizations and business drop ERP implementation idea due to high cost. A proper budgetary planning prior to purchase of an ERP is a must. Once you selected the ERP software for your business you can cross verify the budget with different vendors.

Another most important area to consider is the timelines of the project. Many ERP project fail as there are last moment changes in the scope. Therefore, sealing proper list of features and customization points before selecting the ERP software for your business is important and it will smooth the ERP implementation process & timelines for the vendor.

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Select variety of vendors check the demo, if needed you can do a (POC) Proof of Concept to ensure the Best ERP software can meet your business needs. Involving different employees from the department during the demo can add advantage for the right selection of the software.

“Lower level of employees can really make difference by their inputs.”

Go social with your ERP selection; Login to different Social Media, Forums or Question and Answer websites raise your queries on comparing different software or vendors services. I am sure you can get better answers from social media networking websites.

“Quora, LinkedIn,, Technorati are some of the few website which allow you to post questions either in a group or separately.”

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It should be noted that proper ERP selection is important to ensure success for your business, it involves lots of investment and single failure can ruin your time as well as growth. Be involved during the ERP selection process. There are many ERP software vendors available who promise for your Best ERP software, henceforth research well before selecting the vendors as they are the key people for the success also one should  involve your people from management specially the end user for the right selection and customization as they are the real users.

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