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How to write a Solid Guest Post

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How to write a Solid Guest Post

How to write solid guest blog post
How to write solid guest blog post

Being a new blogger writing a guest post is one of the best way to gain traffic as well as increasing your online presence. Remember we said “Content is a King” in any online strategy. The better the content is the better ranking you gain. Guest Posting on blog is one of the highly used strategies for Link building.

In this post we will learn how you can create a Solid & Impactful guest blog post

Concentrate on Quality:

As discussed that content is a key, Create Quality content rather working on long blog post or post with unwanted information.

Check your Audience:

Before creating any blog post you must know who your audience is and what subjects they like to learn. Research about your target audience and create a valuable content rather just writing blindly for SEO purpose.

Write for Users not for Robots:

Writing a blog post or a guest blog post one should remember the readers rather robots, Blog post written for readers create high impact, improves ranking and reduce the bounce rate. Whereas blog written for robot may get you in top ranking but with high bounce rate.

Spell & Grammar check:

Typos and errors while writing a guest blog post is common, read the blog before publishing it a grammar check is necessary to build powerful audience.

Proper Readability:

Include bullet points, Powerful headlines, italic words in your blog post, remember not to clutter as it can bore or distract your readers. Create a mix kind of blog post with external links or videos. (not be allowed in Guest Blog posting). Check the ratio of your each paragraph for a sober view

Call to Action:

Always complete your blog post with a spark, some of tips for adding a spark – Ask for comment, Ask question, tell audience to share similar experiences

Finally Create Simple Language:

Language may create barrier specially when your readers from other countries, therefore always keep your language simple as you are writing for a child.

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