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How Twitter helps your business

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How Twitter helps your business

How Twitter Helps your business
How Twitter Helps your business

Twitter is one of the largest social media networking website and first preference for almost every business today. There are many companies who mostly concentrate on twitter due to mix target audience group compare to other social media networking websites.

In this post we will discuss how Twitter helps your business:

Connecting with people

People are consist of mix group may  suppliers, clients, leads, customers, stakeholders and so on, some people follow for business, some for gaining news and updates. Almost every internet user is connected with twitter today. Getting connected with prospect customer or simply the audience is one of the main advantages of twitter.

Spying on Competitors

Another advantage of using twitter for your business is to spy on your competitors and what they are working on. It helps you to create new strategies and decision for your business.

Brand Promotion

Twitter also helps you in creating brand value for your products and business; you can start branding your companies by adding logo, followers, and related information in the Bio. Providing links while tweeting is another way you can brand your products and companies.

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Increasing traffic to your website

Unlike other social media twitter use only 140 characters where you can add links of your products and services. Twitter increases the traffic of your website since millions of people everyday searching for good products or articles on twitter.

Providing Deals, News, Events & Promotions

As twitter provides real time information to the world, this offers advantage to share forthcoming events and news related to your industry. People love the breaking news on twitter, you can also tweets about new deals which is going on for a limited period of time

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Sales & Lead Generation

With twitter you can increase your sales, there are many people who search for products online everyday and with twitter you can easily increase your sales.

Tip “Use Hash tag related to your products and services, you will find many tweets and user who are searching for your products.”

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Another reason why companies are using Twitter is to market their products and services to large audiences. The biggest advantage of marketing your products via twitter is that twitter is free until you do it yourself.

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Customers support

Customer support can be easily handled via twitter you can connect with your customers and via @connect messages, customer can directly raise questions on a particular products. There is a direct message section also where you can respond to your customers

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