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Open Source ERP Software – Myth – A new series of myth that companies have during or before or after implementing an Enterprise resource planning software. As we all know that ERP implementation can be tricky and it can make or break an organization business process . There are many questions which arise in the mind of a company which we also called it as myth right so we will try to cover as many myth or question that come across during ERP implementation. Being our first ERP common myth post we would like to cover this one.


If Module are available then why so much time it requires to implement Open Source ERP software ?

This is one of the most common question raised by the companies who are looking out for Open source ERP development – With respect to our flagship product known as Odoo we found this is one of the most common signs provided by the customer to reduce the timelines of the project but actually it is not because A module which is available may not serve the needs of an organization fully. further Modules implementation may take time if there is  new module development, or customizing the existing module to meet their business requirements

Many of you being an Odoo vendor have heard these words – Module for this particular functionality is already available on Odoo community or someone have already done the development for similar functionalities of Odoo module then why so much time you require to meet my needs and requirements

There may be various reasons that existing modules development may take more time

1. Either there are minor or major changes you are looking out in the existing module
2. Minor changes which is also called as field level change may not take much time
3. Adding up altogether new functionality in the core module is the time consuming part because it is not that module where changes will come – there are other related modules also where the functionality needs to be integrated properly
4. Existing module may be buggy or may have been developed for previous version which might require migration.
5. Once the module is developed there is time that is required by the vendor to check the quality of coding, and proper working ie :  testing.

Therefore Open source ERP software development or implementing a new module may be time consuming – do check out the above 4 factors incase you feel the time is more taken by the vendors for a single module development.

If you feel there are any more points that needs to be added feel free to contact us on info@globalteckz.com

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