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In every section of the website we keep Blog, but many of us don’t know the importance of blogging. Blogging plays an important role for every website specially for eCommerce website. When you sell products digitally you have to ensure that you are helping the buying decision of the website visitors By providing information and specification about the product before launch or you are helping people by giving good tips while selecting a particular product. Today before creating any buying decision – users check out for the features on your product page but even if they are not satisfied with the features they will check out articles which help them creating buying decision.

Blogging Enhances Website Pages

We have seen on many eCommerce website where eCommerce merchants ignore the blogging part as they may not understand the importance of blogging. Always remember for SEO the first thumb rule is that Content is the king the more and more number of pages your website hold the more chances you get to enhance the traffic from different corner of the globe. Our own website although not an ecommerce website have more than 350+ pages which ensure large chunk of traffic and most of our traffic comes from blog.

Many times ecommerce merchants ignore blogging due to small audience and a blog will not be read by small audiences. But Don’t Give up because with blogging you can engage people on social media as well as on traditional media by this mean you can enhance and grow your audience. Blogging create more pages and these pages are internally linked to your main home page which enhances the Search Engine Optimizations. Further if 10 % of your total articles enhances the Search engine page rankings then you save lot of money from investing in Google Advertising.

Are you Serious in Business ?

Creating new blog articles regularly ensures your company is updated and serious in doing business. Each new page added ensure more rewards from Google. – Take an example of a news paper – will you buy or read newspaper which consist of 4 pages covering national and sports news only whereas, another newspaper which consist of 60 pages covering, local, political, sports, cartoon, crosswords, Opinions etc. It is but obvious one will go with 60 pages as it give you more articles and knowledge. Similarly Google robots crawl pages in the same manner. Therefore in case your eCommerce website is missing a blog go for it now create few product specific topics and start writing blog articles this will enhance the traffic slow and steadily on your website and from there you may gain a chance to convert your readers into customer.

As we mentioned the importance of blogging for your ecommerce website. If you are looking out for Articles writing services with fully search engine optimized article for your eCommerce blog on continuous basis feel free to connect with us over

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