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Google Image Search engine Optimizations – How to increase website traffic

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Google Image Search engine Optimizations - How to increase website traffic, HOW TO INCREASE WEBSITE TRAFFIC THROUGH GOOGLE IMAGES

Google Image Search engine Optimizations – How to increase website traffic

Google Image Search engine optimization – SEO is one of the vital part of any website, and as discussed by many SEO specialists that content is a king, and images speak a thousand words. Optimization of Content is the first step by preparing any high-quality content but many of us ignore Google image search engine optimization via properly optimizing the images of our website or blog which brings out huge traffic to the website pages. Image optimizations increase the traffic as well as rankings in search engines. In this blog post we will cover how one can increase the website traffic via google images.

There are few basic points which needs to be kept in mind while creating the content with the image, an image can be any like blog images, banner, or internal content images of a web page or an infographic, these points will ensure your website images are also optimized when someone searches for related keywords.

To Do points for Google Image Search Engine Optimization

Alt text

One of the most important areas ignored by many is alt text this sounds little technical but alt text improvise your images with those keywords which you want to enhance. Alt text describes the relevancy of your images. Alt text can be inserted in the code of image file or when you are uploading the images either on WordPress, Joomla, Magento or Shopify website these websites also consist of the option for putting alt text.

Title of the image

Keep the title with the heading of your blog or website article title image appears on the content also which enhances the results in both Google search as well as google image search. Make sure the title of the image is limited under 75 words as long title looks little ugly to the readers.

Image naming

Whenever you are saving any image created in Photoshop or CorelDraw ensure you properly name it with all the keywords or title sometime to create shortcut we name it as image1.jpg or img1.png rather using short names use complete name of the image. This ensure high optimization chances in search engines.

Search engine accessible

Ensure that robots.txt is not restricting your images files to search engines. Ensure no javascript links on image files are used

Optimize the page with the image

Content is the king for SEO but ensure you keep single or multiple related images for the web pages you are creating this ensure you get more window to showcase keywords in the images itself.

The above are few methods to enhance your images ranking in google although many SEO specialist ignore Google Image Search engine Optimizations points but it plays an important role in ranking your website higher.

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