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Odoo Basic Implementation package is one of the base package that any organisation require. Odoo implementation can be tricky sometimes if you don’t have proper knowledge about the software and the modules. As we all know that every client have different requirements based on the industry they are serving and the verticals they are handling. Even being from same verticals there are workflows and business process differences. To initiate understanding how Odoo works with the default feature is important before you go with complete customisation based on your processes. Further with default features of Odoo you can easily make out a plan on where you actually need customisation.

In recent years we have seen many clients who initiated with Odoo Basic implementation which is also called as out of the box or vanilla implementation with no customisation. Odoo Basic Implementation package offers you with all the default features available in Odoo as per your choices.

Following are some of the duties which Globalteckz team performed with Odoo Basic implementation package

  1. OpenERP installation
  2. OpenERP Set up (posgresql, python, OpenERP)
  3. OpenERP Modules Implementation (default modules mentioned with complete setup)
  4. Modules installation (Any 10 modules you choose from Odoo out of the box modules below are some of the examples)
  5. Customer Relationship Management
  6. Sales Management Module
  7. Marketing Management
  8. Purchase management
  9. Inventory & Warehouse Management
  10. Accounting Management (Specific countries chart of accounts)
  11. Data Migration such as Customer, products etc. (upto 100 records)
  12. Roles & Hierarchy
  13. Installation on Client Server
  14. Final testing
  15. Training on how to use the modules (Optional at extra cost)

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