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ERP – An Expensive Software ?

One of the most common myths about ERP software is the pricing and Expensive implementation/ Development. Many small and medium sized businesses have the myth of considering Enterprise resource planning software as expensive and costly software. Remember there is variety of myths but Price and cost of implementing an ERP solution is the biggest question which directly motivate/ de – motivate SME & businesses to move forward or backward for implementing the ERP.

We would be covering variety of myths in our upcoming blog post, so Is ERP – An Expensive Software?  Or ERP software implementation is Very Very Expensive. The fact is that they are not, since today there is variety of ERP software available in the market to meet the business requirements as well as they are well cost effective. Few of the ERP solutions based on : –

  • Proprietary / License based
  • Open Source Technology
  • Cloud Solutions
  • SAAS Solution

Due to the above available variety the cost of implementing an ERP software has been lower down specifically with Open Source ERP software which are available in the market for free of cost without any licensing. Further ERP software as a SAAS solution or Cloud solutions also reduces the cost of acquiring the ERP software for your business.

One must remember that there are various cost stick towards Implementing an ERP solutions few of them are

  • ERP development cost
  • ERP Implementation / Customization cost
  • ERP onsite implementation cost
  • Cost of ERP project manager
  • Cost of Licensing
  • Annual maintenance cost of ERP and so on  . .

These costs can be reduced by taking necessary methodology & planning which will optimize the resources who are working with ERP Implementation. The fact remains that there are few proprietary ERP software where the cost of implementation and roll out would be very much higher. But today many organizations are opting for Open source ERP software to ensure licensing and software cost are waived off.

Even Open Source ERP software are not available freely there are certain cost needs to be bear by the organization to make it up and running – but these cost brings a good return since you gain higher efficiency, reduction in errors, resolving the problems quickly and all together faster decision making in every department.

About Globalteckz ERP Implementations

We at Globalteckz offers you with one of the leading Open source ERP software – OpenERP which is formerly renamed as Odoo, Odoo offers you with variety of modules that can be customized as per your business requirement with lowest cost – This ensure you have best ERP solution running for your business flows.

Contact our Sales team on for more information about ERP implementations

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