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Key factors while comparing ERP software for your Business

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Key factors while comparing ERP software for your Business

Key factors while comparing ERP

ERP – Enterprise resource planning software which today considered as a complete software solution for Organizations. ERP implementations can be tough if not done properly some of the strategies during the Pre and Post implementations stages of ERP software – ERP Selection, Vendor Selection, Business Requirements Analysis, Implementation /Customization strategy, Training, Support, Pilot Testing, Project timelines and so on… Selecting the best software and correct software comparing others for your business is important part.

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So what are the key factors while comparing ERP software for your business?


Functionality in the software is one of the most important area of comparison as well as selections While comparing ERP software you should first look over the functionality of the software as functionality is the only area which can create a “Yes” or “No”.


Flexibility means customization, Enterprise management software which you are selecting may not serve your business purpose with default and out of the box functionality, therefore customization in the forms, fields, processes is require to meet the needs.

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Implementation Methodology

There are various ERP Methodology which vendors undertake during the implementation, One must know by what method the ERP implementation will take place and their effects on the overall Project, since a wrong methodology can increase the timelines and cost of the project, even lead to failures.

Project & Implementation Team

Project Managers and Engineers who would be developing your ERP software should be experience especially in the similar kind implementation. There should not be trainee or fresher’s working on your project as it can ruin the code they are developing.  Get introduce with the team members and check their profile on professional social media sites to know details about their experience and project they worked on.

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Client references

Check out for client references from the vendor, Lack of references in similar industry may lead to failure of the project or simply the rejection in selecting the software. There are many companies who say we have done more than 50 implementations but one should count on the successful implementations, rather number of Implementations.

Support & Updates

One should see what kind of support ERP vendor can provide, because incase of bugs or problems the vendor should able to take your request as soon as possible. Similarly for upgrades and updates one must find out on the release cycles of the software and the latest versions which would vendor be using.

ERP Platform:

Platform means the Operating system and database or Language ERP supports as sometimes resources or engineers with dedicated skills cannot be found in the market or may not be cost effective.


Pricing can create projects or close the projects. Although this is the last part of comparison because once the above points are resolved, than only the decision on the pricing part happens. There are different cost which is attached to your ERP software implementation some of them are license, Support cost, Onsite development, Training cost, Server cost and your own Project manager cost.

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