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Project plan is a formal document designed to guide the control and execution of a project. Project Management plan is the key to a successful project and is the most important document that needs to be created before starting any business project or software development project. A proper implementation of any project lies in proper planning of the project. If project management is done is a proper way then there is success ahead to achieve whereas poor planning of project implementation can bring out failure.

As we have learned that proper planning cannot be neglected in any kind of project you undertake. Failure in projects undertaken lies in the fact of poor planning by the project managers which can enhance frustration level of clients, employees as well as the investor of the company.  A powerful project management plan act as a handy guide for the project manager that showcase the processes and steps of implementing the project. This guides everyone in the team to check the project progress from start to end.

The project plan serves as a base foundation with step by step process to be taken for completing the project with success. Either it is small projects or large projects project management plays an important role since there are team members involved who create detailed plans for the project undertaken. Based on the methodology of implementation the formats of the project Management plan can be decided accordingly, further project type and priorities also play significant role during preparation of project plan.

While preparing the plan powerful negotiation skills is required which needs to be done by the decision maker who mainly decides the priorities and schedule. Methodology for the implementation, resource allocation, budgetary areas and timelines of the project are key to understand before preparing the project plans.

Once the project plans are finalized and when the implementation start project managers are considered as one of the important decision makers. PM needs to be careful in making decisions as every single decision can create changes in the initial planning. If there are wrong decision it is the Project manager who will be at fault in front of customer, team and company management therefore errors needs to be avoided.

A detailed project plan helps you to track down overall activities of the project which has been undertaken. Project plans smoothen out the overall process including handling of team members, timelines, resource allocation, task allocation, delivery and ensure successful deliveries. Timely reviews of project progress, interaction with clients and team members on the satisfaction level needs to be done from day one of the projects.
A powerful project plan includes project creation, project scheduling, resource allocation and most importantly timelines which is documented in the plan. Once the Project plan is prepared the Project management should ensure the plan is properly followed by the team with discipline. As activities running behind the actual schedule can increase the timelines of the project.

A goal without a plan is just a wish – this statement goes well with project management for every company and vendor who undertake projects, ensure enough time has been spent during the planning face which will make sure successful execution and deliveries of the project undertaken.

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