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ERP System Testing – Enterprise Resource Planning is one of leading software that has been used by almost small to medium sized business to manage their day to day operation including streamlining of business processes. An ERP software consists of various modules that manage departments such as sales, purchase, accounting, inventory etc. these modules and apps manage a sales team, purchasing, inventory management, manufacturing process, bill of materials, financial accounting, and so on. .

Implementation of an ERP software is difficult task and consist of certain methodologies in every stage of development till the final roll out one of the most important activity during the ERP development and implementation is ERP software testing. This is also one of the critical factors during the implementation and is continuous in nature till the final roll out of the project. If proper testing methodologies are not in place during and after the implementation of an ERP software than there are likely chances of failure of the ERP project.

In this blog post we will discuss list of ERP software testing methodologies that can be applied during ERP implementation.

Type of ERP Testing and Levels:

Preparing a proper ERP software testing plan is important based on which all the list of ERP testing to be performed.­The basis of preparing proper list of plan is Performance testing and Functional testing. Usability, Performance and Functionality these are components of testing, there are many types of testing like Functional testing Integrity Testing, Systems Security Testing, Reliability Testing, Usability Testing, Integrated Performance, Stress Testing, Interface, Interoperability Testing, Regression Testing, Infrastructure Testing, Image Testing and Installation Testing.

  • Performance Testing:

In performance testing we test that how various components of a system are working in different condition. Performance testing is in general, is a  testing practice performed to determine how a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under a particular workload. It can also serve to investigate, measure, validate or verify other quality attributes of the system, such as scalability, reliability and resource usage

  • Functional Testing:

ERP software work to find suitable solution to problems, if expected solution is found then functional testing is verified. Functional testing is a quality assurance (QA) process and a type of black-box testing that bases its test cases on the specifications of the software component under test. Functions are tested by feeding them input and examining the output, and internal program structure is rarely considered (unlike white-box testing).[2] Functional testing usually describes what the system does.

  • Automated Testing:

It is an automatic testing procedure and it is very fast and reliable procedure, In most cases automation testing is good as compare to manual testing. Automated testing tools are capable of executing tests, reporting outcomes and comparing results with earlier test runs. Tests carried out with these tools can be run repeatedly, at any time of day. The method or process being used to implement automation is called a test automation framework.

  • System Testing:

It is part of testing in this type of testing entire system is tested hardware and software. This testing is done under black-box testing method, In this method software is checked for user-expected working conditions as well as potential exception and edge conditions

  • Reliability Testing:

Reliability testing verifies that how successfully software is working in different condition and different environment. So main motive of reliability testing is to find number of failures in a particular software or a particular system, and it will be removed. In this way we can maintain the product reliability and determine whether the software meets the customer’s reliability requirements.

  • Usability Testing:

In this type of testing, tester tests the software as end-user and finds the defects and problems which arise during software using, the main concern of this testing is user’s ease to use the application, flexibility in handling controls and ability of the system to meet its targets.

There are many types of testing in ERP testing methodology but the main concern of testing to make a software workable properly as per the requirements, which should be very user-friendly, flexible, error-free, reliable, efficient, easy to use it, etc. Hence software testing is very important part of any software development organization.

About Globalteckz : 

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