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Magento version 2.0 Features-Globalteckz ERP and Magento Development Company


With the recent release of Magento 2 there are new features in Magento which was not available in older version. As we all know that Magento is considered as a market leader when it comes for selecting any eCommerce CMS platform. The base reason is that the community of Magento is getting stronger day by day with more and more Magento experts coming in adding up new modules helping ecommerce merchants to use the best of features for greater customer experience. We covered a blog post recently that Magento version 2.0 got released in this blog post we would be covering Magento 2 features with more advance features.

Magento 2 Features – New Version What New!

Magento 2 just released recently to ensure Magento developers and experts get more cutting edge CMS. The Magento expert team is also working hard to make sure the architecture is structured in proper way to reduce Magento 2 upgrade efforts by enhancing the performance and abridging the customization process

Updates and Ffeatures of Magento version 2

1. Improved Customization procedure

The Magento customization feature in version 2 has been improved from which the developer or Magento experts can make customization quickly based on the needs of eCommerce merchant. Following are the changes done in Magento 2

• Addition of layered navigation and modular search interface based on this change the search feature is more customizable in version 2 of Magento

• With Magento 2 you gain enhance API’s to ensure superb integration with external systems

• Addition of XML validation is another significant addition in Magento 2 features.

• With modular code of version 2 it allows developer to create targeted changes without having impact on the base codes. This further allows with clean interfaces while using multiple extensions.

2. Effortless Front-end

Front end development is more manageable in Magento 2 as there is less CSS and modern HTML5 themes.

• Look and feel with Magento 2 is easier to customize as it don’t require disturbing the core functionality of the website. Front end coding is less complex in this new version of Magento

• With these new features CSS is more expandable and maintainable in a theme friendly way. CSS preprocessor enhance the pace of front end development and increase multilevel theme inheritance.

• The new version allows you with blank theme that ensures developer to start with the necessary features required including the customization areas – This further reduces the time of removing the existing functionalities or modules.

• The user interface of Magento includes many number of components such as tables, typography, forms and so on. . . further specific patterns such as navigation, message, ratings etc. helps you to change almost every element of Magento frontend quickly.

3. Low cost for upgrades

The Latest Magento version brings you up with another advantage as the upgrades are effort less the pricing for upgrade to new Magento is also less..

• The latest Magento version boost information on versioning policies and compatibility of upgrades which further allows the developer to dedicatedly upgrade the entire scenario.

• Working on extension will able to provide a detailed version of compatibility info in their codes as the component of composer module in PHP to the developer. This ensures a pre planned idea on the effects on the extensions to the developer.

• Via transferring all standard records you can migrate from old Magento version to Magneto 2 further the installation is very smooth compare to the earlier version.

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4. Improved performance

The latest version of Magento is launched with improved performance.

•The new version has been improved to enhance the speed query performance with more systematic updates. Also the new indexers of Magento 2 includes of similar functionality as the former enterprise version had.

• The fresh set of performance test script will be used to do test code changes, this optimize the system performance and easiness to create test environment for verifications.

• The new version is integrated with varnish cache, which will make faster displaying of pages.

• Data conflict will be reducing since Magento 2 will be allowing more than one admin to update products.

• With new Magento version you can reduce your investments on buying additional server space as the performance level has been improved reducing the load on the server.

5. Better testing resources with quality and documentation

With Magento 2 you can have testing for integration, static environments, functional areas an so on . . . Magento 2 support unit testing practices including all the necessary documentation for references.

With pre packed series of test scripts user can use the same in the development cycle and testing practices. The series includes testing for integration as many more as said above. This will ensure your development team need to allocate less time in quality assurance.

6. Increase in community engagements

As said initially being open source CMS and one of the most widely used CMS round the world by eCommerce merchants after launch of version Magento 2.0 the community engagement has increased. Saying that there will be enhancement in the services these Magento community offers to its customer.

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7. Transformed Technology Stack

Magento 2 includes the latest version of jQuery, PHP CSS3 and so on.. You will find many enhancements from the technological point which is as follows

• Being more accessible with jQuery developers would be able to use JavaScript libraries as they already know including additional support for plugins.

• Magento 2 CMS is very responsive as based on HTML 5.

• The page load speed is faster as the new version comes with CSS3 including bunch of new visual effects such as multiple backgrounds, shadows, reflection and so on . .

• The page load time has been reduced as it loads JS resources without synch

•Supported by PHP 5.5 and MySQL 5.6 increase the overall performance of the site

• With the inclusion of PSR compliance, Magento 2 becomes easier to learn.

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