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Magento 2 migration Services from Globalteckz – As we all know that one of the most powerful eCommerce CMS Magento released it version 2 from version 1.9 and many eCommerce merchants who are using Magento as their web store would like to migrate from the older version to the latest version 2.0. There are many new features that has been developed in the latest version

Some of the advantages we already covered in our previous blog post for Magento 2 migration

1. Improved Customization procedure

The customization feature in version 2 of Magento has been improved from which the Magento developer or Magento experts can make customization quickly based on the needs of eCommerce merchant.

2. Effortless Front-end

Front end development is more manageable in Magento 2 as there is less CSS and modern HTML5 themes.

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3. Low cost for upgrades

The Latest Magento 2 Migration brings you up with another advantage as the upgrades are effort less the pricing for upgrade to new Magento is also less..

4. Improved performance

The latest version of Magento 2 is launched with improved performance.

The new version has been improved to enhance the speed query performance with more systematic updates. Also the new indexers of Magento 2 includes of similar functionality as the former enterprise version had.

5. Better testing resources with quality and documentation

With Magento migration you can have testing for integration, static environments, functional areas an so on . . . Magento 2 support unit testing practices including all the necessary documentation for references.

6. Increase in community engagements

As said initially being open source CMS and one of the most widely used CMS round the world by eCommerce merchants after launch of version Magento 2.0 the community engagement has increased. Saying that there will be enhancement in the services these Magento community offers to its customer.

7. Transformed Technology Stack

Magento 2 includes the latest version of jQuery, PHP CSS3 and so on.. You will find many enhancements from the technological point in Magento 2.

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8. An improved level of flexibility
Magento 2 platform comes with a new structure which inculcate a unique proportion of flexibility. With a perfect combination of high code coupling, developers can conveniently create a major of features including checkout, CRM, CMS, sales and so on. You can enable or disable any component while keeping the code-base tidy.

Since Magento 2 is released recently there are many advantages which eCommerce merchants gain from migrating the older magento version Decide Now as it’s one of the best time to move to Magento 2 with loads of extra features and Advantages – Still the best advantages of Magento is that it’s one of the leading Open Source Content management system for eCommerce website available in the market with no licensing with added features compare to Magento old version.

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At Globalteckz we offer Magento Migration services

At Globalteckz we offer you with end to end services for Magento website development including Magento theme designing, new function development, Module development, Magento website implementation, Magento SEO, training, Magento Migration, Support and so on . . . We have delivered number of projects for our clients across the globe including USA, Canada, Australia and many more – You can email us on in case you are looking out for a good Magento development company/partner.

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