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Hire Magento Developer (Freelance) or Magento Development Companies

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Hire Magento Developer (Freelance) or Magento Development Companies

Hire Magento Developer freelance or Magento development companies this has been one of the biggest questions raised before implementing magento website. In this blog post we will cover difference between Magento Freeelancer and magento development companies.

As we know that outsourcing the organizational project specifically ecommerce online store development and management is considered to be one of the best ideas instead of hiring someone on board and work with test and trail basis. Further, choosing professional web development magento agency or a freelancer is another challenging task because understanding the business and importance by the freelancer or magento agency is one of the top most part. In this blog post we will discuss the differentiation between hiring of Magento freelancers with Magento Agency.

We hope that this blog post will give you an outline on the advantages and demerits to take future decision on maintaining and managing your Magento store.

Major Areas to Look out for


One of the major issues faced by the client is the transparency while dealing with Freelancers. Although there are many online website available from where one can hire magento developer – freelancers but even they lack transparency to a great extent since they are located at a place out of reach, or in a completely different region altogether. And further you have no information whatsoever regarding their experience, delivery, or qualifications; it is difficult to monitor them constantly. It is more like a gamble here rather than a conscious approach.

Whereas, with a professional company, things are pretty easier. Since they have a physical setup in place with stakeholders, infrastructure, technical team, and more, you tend to gain more trustworthiness into the company.


It has been seen that when you Hire magento Developer or Freelancers they are not very professional when it comes to meeting the project deadlines on time as they are handling multiple projects at a time without any team member. In fact, they won’t respond to phone calls, emails, and in any other ways.

Whereas this is not the case with a Magento Agency / company wherein there is an unbreakable agreement between two parties. The agreement is enforceable making it evident for both parties for binding to the agreement in fear of the penalties involved. Additionally, in absence of resources, freelancers take much longer to complete the same project.

Project Costing

Working with a Magento web development company is way costlier than working with Magento freelancer since a company involves a team of experts working on your project. However, the expenditure within a company pays off in long run, since there are no major risks involved even in most complex scenarios. While freelancers come for cheap, but they do accompany too many project hurdles resulting in long term disasters.

Privacy & Warranty

Because a project is protected by a warranty period, you can demand the professional company you have hired, to work on the left out aspects. In fact, the company will do rectify the issues still under the warranty period, to keep the reputation intact. Even as far as the confidentiality goes, the privacy issue is dealt through a confidentiality agreement. Herein, sensitive data is protected by the hired company, so that project details are not leaked to anybody.

Whereas with Magento freelancers, there is no such agreement, and hence data privacy is a big issue under scrutiny. Since there is no agreement, there is always a risk involved with sensitive information getting leaked out to someone else or competitors.


If you are Hiring magento developer who have Experience in magento web development this can play an important role when it comes to technicalities within your projects. For problems to get solved faster, experience involves tackling all kinds of situations in a rapid manner, especially in terms of wide technical expertise.

Working with a professional company means you are employing a team of expert designers and developers that add something to the table bringing in more knowledge and skill set.

Customer Support

A Professional magento agency  has the right kind of infrastructure and people to provide an ongoing customer support even after passing on the product to the clients. Freelancers may lack the right kind of setup and hence it is not possible for them to provide ongoing maintenance. Further freelancer works on different project therefore managing multiple project deadlines may not provide proper customer support.

How to check the experience of a Magento development team?

It is not so easy or simple to ask a team directly about their experience and check the ability for work to be done. To find out how long agencies have been engaged in Magento development and how many Magento development projects they have participated in during their time of experience. what type of problem team had analyzed on which they have worked before and see if the team is the right choice for deriving the best possible solution.

An experienced Magento development company will be able to provide you with accurate advice as per the workflow. Help with some suggestions related to the development of the project.

Professional Magento development companies have extensive experience in handling specific version control systems. The version control tools are useful for large projects.

Analyse the previous Magento websites and development cases of Magento developers. By doing so, it can evaluate whether the team can fulfill expectations.

Start with analyzing front-end, back-end and functional effects. Most of the development projects in peer websites use ready-made themes and templates. Therefore to be focused on checking the functionality and effects or any additional feature is there for the customers like the speed of site , checkout process and etc. It is quick to understand the level of proficiency from the cases displayed on the Magento development website.

Before looking for a Magento development company/freelancer, plan out a project management process

The development process and methodology applied in the Magento project determines directly to the success stage . Many things can make the Magento development process a success but following are some the issues need to be focused on.

A Detailed plan should be provided by Magento development company.The plan must outline what should be done on website development ,divided into several main tasks and multiple subtasks .

Every milestone should be specific completion time, detailed schedules, and time tables for each project including planning , website design and website development, testing and UAT, as well as startup.
make sure if the Magento development company wants to work has a dedicated tester to check all the features before offering the website.On the other hand, be clear about how to report any issues of the website.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Magento Company v/s Magento Freelancers

Magento Freelancers : 

The pros of Magento freelancers are that as per the needs in the firm it is flexible to hire. Freelancers usually prefer to work alone and charge a comparatively lower price. They are usually experts in a particular field and are able to use specialized knowledge or skill for completing the work. The recommendation is to choose an experienced Magento developer if the project is on a small scale level.

The cons to hiring a freelancer include the fact that freelancers cannot be masters of everything! Therefore Freelancer has a lack of diversity when it comes to managing a website. At the other side low operation cost and flexibility comes with a price as well.Since freelancers prefer their work as per their own time, Freelancer have a propensity to be unreliable at times and communication with Freelancer is less formalized.

Magento Development Company :

The pros of Magento development agency is that the core capability of Magento development agency is to work in a team. The team provides diversity and the set of skills with experience developer sets that are needed for effective project management. Communicating work with the team is more convenient and easier. In usual cases, Magento development agencies have a separate client servicing department to deal with client feedback and queries.

Definitely going for Magento development agency is the better choice to go for. Their price differs between freelancer and Magento development agency , but the cons are the initial investment to hire an experienced Magento 2 developer agency.


Criteria of distinction Agency Freelancer
Pricing Magento development costs of agencies are usually on a project basis. They charge around $7000 or more depending on the project size, complexity, and type of work that should be done. The cost for freelancers is relatively cheaper and usually calculated based on an hourly basis. The cost could start from $20 per hour to more depending on the experience of the respective freelancer.
Knowledge In agencies, there is a guarantee to find experienced Magento developers and a team with complementary skills. From country to country, the knowledge or level of expertise might vary for each freelancer.
Project Management Agencies are more prone to informing on what stage of the project is in. Project managers will help with communication and timelines. Even if a dedicated Magento developer is hired, info will be provided with the updates during your collaboration. With freelancers, the communication channel will be optional. However, it is not a guarantee of constant communication and strict deadlines.
Support The level of support is much more comprehensive for agencies. Constant communication and feedback is the key to building the right product. In fact, the support of clent stores even after the development process will be finished and find a need for constant support and updates. With freelancers, it is difficult to provide constant feedback and get the work done on time specifically for complex projects.

Questions to Consider Before Making a Choice between Magento freelancer and Company

When it comes to making a choice, it is easier to make the final call when there should  be some set standards of distinction or specific criteria to compare with. A Magento developer guide can be useful in this aspect. Some of the common questions you need to consider before making the choice are as follows:

  • What value will a Magento development agency or freelancer add to my website?
  • What is the cost associated with a certain decision?
  • Will the undertaken cost be actually useful to my business?
  • How Useful each can be for your Business Processes
  • How to Find the Best Magento Development Company
  • Do You Need One Magento Developer or a Team?

How our Magento Developers/ Programmer from Globalteckz can Help your company ?

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