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Magento Quickbooks Integration Options

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Magento Quickbooks Integration Options

Found an Interesting Blog post which though to cover with our readers on Magento QuickBooks Integration Options

Magento quickbooks integrations options
Magento quickbooks integrations options

Magento Commerce has been out a year now, and as the product has matured, and more companies have adopted it -from mom and pop shops to international, multi-channel retailers – the demands of many users still grow. With the introduction of its enterprise platform, Magento has looked to fulfill some of the demands of those companies requiring such features as user level permissions, auditing (logging) of administrator actions, content staging, among other features.

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While the feature set of both the newly branded “Community” edition, and Enterprise editions is expected to continue its growth with the support of Verian, there are a few significant holes that many online retailers leveraging the platform have significant difficulty with. And in defense of Magento, this hole exists with most eCommerce platforms: its integration with merchants’ accounting / ERP systems. This is typically something reserved for third parties to develop.

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Available Quickbooks to Magento Integrations

  • T-Hub
  • Magento Data Link
  • eCC
  • Magento Order Export Module
  • Stone Edge Order Manager

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