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As we all know that Magento is considered as one of the best ecommerce platforms and a leading Open source eCommerce Content management system for eCommerce merchants – Magento website development is carried out by almost 60% of eCommerce merchants to make sure a full fledge eCommerce website is developed with loads of features that enhance the ultimate user experience. In this article we will shed lights on why Magento is the best platform for Magento website development. Being a Magento website development company at Globalteckz we tried adding most of the points incase we missed any feel free to contact us on

Why Magento website development is first preference?

eCommerce business is not an easy task you need to strategize and manage lot of things, therefore the foundation needs to be strong, Today business owners or website managers consider ecommerce CMS as strong foundation with a goal to cater customer in efficient and productive way. To make sure the expectation meet the business demands many eCommerce consultancy consider Magento eCommerce development to ensure powerful website development. In this article we will shed lights on the best of best features to choose Magento for website development

1.         There are loads of packed features available in Magento including navigations, advance search, favorites, comparison, multi store management, and so on

2.         Based on the budgets of and eCommerce merchants you can choose from different Magento editions including Magento go or Magento enterprise and so on

3.         Search Engine Optimization get easy as you can properly manage your page traffic, duplicate content, indexing, and keywords management so on. . .

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4.         Magento is developer friendly as navigation and availability of 3rd party modules helps your developer to save time on creating new features.

5.         With the step by step process for buying the products it cater customer with ease, further it offers multiple option on payments that can be integrated with more than 50+ payment gateways.

.6.        Magento website development allows you with multi store management where you can create different website for different countries with unique products

7.         Magento is tightly integrated with Google services such as analytics, Google check out and many more . . .

8.         Magento website is mobile friendly where customer can make the order directly from their mobile from anywhere.

9.         Coding in Magento is not very complex further core coding can be integrated with 3rd party coding.

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10.       Magento comes with inbuilt reporting tools that helps business owner to judge the performance of their products and website.

11.       With a pack of multi currency multi language you can sell your products across nations.

12.       Magento consist of different marketing tools where you can attracted your customer by private sales, coupons, promotional pricing and so on . ..

13.       One of the best facilities in Magento is order management via admin panel where you can print packing slips, invoicing management, re ordering etc.

14.       3rd party tools that are available in Magento which can be purchase easily can add up more power to your Magento website

15.       Finally the most important feature or benefits of using Magento as a CMS is that it is open source with powerful community then ensures you with freedom. The community edition is fully free to the people and it is available as an open source for the online retailers.

There are more reasons available that Magneto is becoming successful lead in the e commerce industry.

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Globalteckz as a Magento website development company

At Globalteckz we offer you with end to end services for Magento website development including Magento theme designing, new function development, Module development, Magento website implementation, Magento SEO, training, Magento Migration, Support and so on . . . We have delivered number of projects for our clients across the globe including USA, Canada, Australia and many more – You can email us on in case you are looking out for a good Magento development company/partner.

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