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Looking out for Odoo Enterprise Crack Version or Download ? Let’s understand about Odoo Licensed Edition that offers you with various modules and apps that is not included in Community/Free edition. The number of Modules and functions are growing day by day with powerful speed and User interface in order to compete with other Enterprise resource planning software available in the market.

We are rewriting this blog post in the month of November 2023 where Odoo 17 is going to be released. The major difference between Enterprise vs  community edition is apps availability and extended features. Some of the new functions to unleash in Odoo Enterprise edition installation or implementation is that you get cool user interface with all new design, extra modules detailed reporting’s etc

Read more about Odoo 17 Functions and features

Why companies opt for Crack version of Odoo ERP and why it is not a Good Idea  ?

There are numerous reason why organization would like to go with Enterprise edition crack version some of them include

  1. Budgets for licensing fees
  2. Functions availability compare to community edition
  3. Number of users are too high
  4. User interface is better than the free version
  5. Auto migration and upgrades by odoo for Enterprise edition.

Although from the above the major 2 reasons business don’t go with Enterprise edition is Budgets and Number of users high in nature. As both requires recurring investment for future. Therefore organization look out for Crack version of Enterprise edition that can be used and implemented.

Our suggestion is “Do not fall in the trap of Crack version” If any vendor or partner provides you with the crack edition – first of all – it is not possible at all as the database get refreshed by odoo and it may write off your whole system.

Opt for Community Edition

If your budgets are lower and the number of users are high – it is recommended to opt for Community edition in the initial stages. Once you start using the Free version – you can check the ROI and streamlining of your existing business processes. If you are getting good ROI then in future after 2 years or 3 years down the line migrate your community edition module to Enterprise edition. This way you can reduce the reworking of customizations did for Community edition.

Following are the services offered by Globalteckz team with respect to Odoo 10 Enterprise Edition 

    • Odoo Enterprise Edition Installation Services

Install Odoo Enterprise Edition with the number of users you need as per your business requirement. Our installation is quick with lower downtime and you can start using software in less than 24 hours. Since Globalteckz is an official partners we make sure to offer best support and services with respect to the Odoo installation. Check out our list of Installation Package

  • Odoo  Enterprise Edition Implementation Services

Being Official Partners of Odoo Globalteckz team offers you with Odoo 10 Enterprise edition implementation services which includes – end to end services like Installation, creating users, roles hierarchy, database set up, roll out and so on. Our Expert team will make sure that your business processes are optimized with lower timelines and cost of the project. Read more about   Basic Implementation Package for community Edition

  • Odoo Enterprise Customization Services

As we all know that every business work differently to gain competitive edge in the market – therefore there may be some enterprise edition modules which may not be able to full fill your workflows of business processes. We offer you with Odoo 10 Enterpise eidition customization services where the Enterprise modules can be tweak as per your business requirements which includes customization in fields or new module development in your Odoo 10 Enterprise edition. Check out more about Odoo Customization Services 

  • Odoo Enterprise Edition 3rd Party Integration

There are many 3rd party connectors available with Odoo version 10 enterprise edition but even if anything missing there is no need to worry since globalteckz team has already developed many 3rd party connectors for Odoo version 8, 9 (community & Enterprise edition) you can easily connect Odoo enterprise with 3rd party tools. some of them includes,, Magento, Prestashop, UPS, USPS, FedEx, Quickbooks, shopify, ebay connector etc. Check out wide range of Odoo connectors available with Globalteckz

  • Odoo Enterprise  Support Services on Custom module

As you opt for Odoo Enterprise edition – The best advantage you gain is the direct support from Odoo on the out of the box module you have implemented, But in case if you have developed any customized module you can opt for Support services from globalteckz team. Although if you go with Odoo enterprise edition from Globalteckz team we ensure 1 month of free support on all the modules including the customized modules developed by third party or by globalteckz – This ensures you have a very powerful support plan.

  • Odoo Enterprise edition Technical & Functional Training

In case you are looking out to DIY Odoo implementation and customization you can opt for technical and functional training on different areas of Odoo. Our training curriculam is divided in such a way that you can easily learn technical and functional areas of Odoo Enterprise edition without disturbing your core working.

What benefits you gain from signing Odoo Enterprise edition from Globalteckz team.

The key of successful ERP implementation lies in the team size, resource experience and bonding with the client from understanding the requirements. Our team at globalteckz offers you with various benefits when you sign up for Odoo 10 Enterprise version.

1. Experience team of Odoo Developers ranging from 7+ years to 2+ years of Odoo experience

2. Helps you in defining the scope of ERP software

3. Make sure you spend less with respect to the investment.

4. 1 month of free support on Customized modules developed by Globalteckz team.

5. Quality and Odoo Standard coding to make sure no bugs during trail.

6. Our resource work in multiple timezone for powerful communication.

7.  End to End solution with respect to Odoo services making one stop shop for your ERP.

If you are looking out for Odoo Enterprise edition our team can help you to assist on selecting the modules and the number of licensing – For more information you can email us on

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