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Odoo 12 has been released with lots of new features and improvement via which organization gains maximum advantage with Odoo ERP. Odoo is web based ERP software that helps you to manage workflows & business processes in an effective and efficient way. There are more than 7000+ Odoo apps available for specific industry needs. The new version of Odoo 12 will be released in the month of October with different extra features which we will be showcasing in this blog post.

Odoo 12 New Features

  • Document Management system (DMS)

With the release of Odoo 12 there will be an addition of Document management System with advanced features to manage all your documents in Odoo 12 including drag and drop facility

  • New Fields in User form

In Odoo 12 the user form includes new fields where you can manage if the user is related to internet users, Portal user or only public user

  • Updated Human Resource Module

Human resource user’s application access includes a new type of access apart from user and management which is Equipment Management. This was not the case in Odoo version 11 where all the users were either employee or Human Resource managers.

  • Drag & Drop for Discuss App

With Odoo 12 you can drag and drop the attachments directly to the chat box

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  • Leave management

Odoo 12 leave management module comes with extra features where you can manage paid leaves, accruals, Calculation of leaves in half days, based on hours, etc. Further double validation for leave approval is also available including timesheet management & automation.

  • Project Module New functionality

With Project Module of Odoo 12, you can create access for moderator functionality

  • New Payment Method integration

Odoo 12 comes with new payment gateway integration where you can integrate Altpay

  • Data entry competence

With Odoo 12 you get quick data entry option including pics at the side of the screen which helps you to verify expense entry against bills

  • Shortcuts

Now with Odoo 12, you can use Keyboard shortcuts with alt key so that you don’t need to work via your computer mouse and most of the things can be handled via keyboard only.

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  • Financial Reports

Odoo 12 has powerful reporting options, where users will now get to set multi-filter and multi-groups in financial reports.

  • Access Menu Via Keyboard

You can access the Odoo menu via keyboard only which will enhance the speed of working on Odoo ERP software.

  • Odoo Studio Updated

Odoo studio in version 12 has been updated with features such as improvise drag and drop fields with the form view and many more….

  • Internet of Things Box – IoT Box

Odoo 12 comes up with new data input box known as ITO BOX which can be easily deployed in the operational set up to update data from Odoo work orders.

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  • Report Designer

Odoo 12 brings an improvement in the way invoices and purchase orders can be designed. The best benefit of this is that the users and partners would save on their valuable time.

  • New Dashboards

With New dashboards in Odoo 12, you can easily filters the data you need on the dashboard including drill down facilities which was available in OpenERP 5. This functionality will be very helpful as the time consumption is less to check the detail of any functions.

  • New Barcode User interface

The new barcode UI improvements helps to understand the stock outflow and in flow for trading, wholesale and retailers this would be one of the important features.

The above features are available right now in the enterprise edition of odoo version 12, Apart from the above, there are many other improvements that has been done in odoo version 12 some of them include publishing multiple website, Importing options, artificial intelligence, localization and other language support.

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How Globalteckz can help you with Odoo 12 

Out Team at Globalteckz are Odoo experts and have been working with Odoo since the release of version 5 way back in 2009 and have hand on experience with Odoo Enterprise and community edition. Our team have a track record of sucessfuly implementations of Odoo version 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11. We offer Odoo customization, development and implementation services including 3rd party integrations. For any information related to odoo ERP implementation for version 12 you can email us on and our team will be happy to help you for the same.

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