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This is just an advertorial blog to update and extend globalteckz services for customizing odoo and customisation of Odoo modules. As we all know that today being 1|10|2015 odoo version 9 will be releasing, and our team is keenly looking out to share the new features with odoo 9. We have also covered most of the topics for version 9 including How to Install Odoo 9 on Ubuntu – Step by Step tutorial, Odoo 9 videos and so on. Being Official odoo partners we thrive to offer most of the information which helps organisation during the selection of Odoo software.

We have covered a topic 2 days back on Custom Software Development and its Benefits and in that topic we covered up that every business make sure that their business processes and every department is profit worthy. That simply means that standard software solution may not work 100% where Customized software development is needed.

Customized ERP solution not only meet your needs and requirements but also offers you to run your processes as per your choice which was not possible due to rigidness of ERP solution. With the availability of one of the leading open source ERP software – Odoo the problems of no customization has gone.

Odoo version 9 have loads of new features including the user interface is simplified and more clear compare to the old version. Although this time Odoo 9 also have enterprise version. You gain a load of choice with Odoo 9 customizations some of the basic areas of customizations you can perform is as follows

Addition of fields: Addition of fields or dropdown menus or buttons is very simple with odoo customizations. As per your business form layout adding of fields get very easy.

Layouts: Further more you can even change the layouts as per your requirements with Odoo customizations

Workflows and business processes Customization : Another area of customizations is that you can customized the workflows and business process as per the requirements, as we all know every department works with different workflows  and processes.

New module development – “if it is not available online, we will develop from scratch” – New module development which is not available online or in Odoo can be developed from scratch to ensure you have a customized module.

Reports customization – Reports in Excel/word or pdf format can be customized to meet the needs.

The above are just the basics of Odoo 9 customizations there are more areas where an Odoo 9 customization can be performed.

How Globalteckz can help you with Odoo customization

One of the most important characteristics of Odoo is that there are more than 1000+ modules available to choose from; for different industries and these modules are customizable 100% as per your business requirements.  Further after customizing the modules you can even add more customization as per your business processes incase any change management happens.

Our company has Experience OpenERP/Odoo developers with extensive experience of more than 4+ years working on Odoo/OpenERP and have completed more than 50+ successful Odoo version 8 projects for our clients across the globe.

We completely do the GAP analysis of your customized requirements, prioritize your requirements and then initiate with the customization and  complete testing with delivery of the modules.

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