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Odoo Enterprise Edition Installation & Implementation Services by Globalteckz Team – Official Odoo Certified Silver partners since 2013. The Paid/ license based software provides you with numerous functionality with respect to Modules and Apps that is not available in Community version. Odoo Community and enterprise edition is growing bigger with the number of installation and implementation performed by small to Big sized businesses.

Odoo is one of the top open-source ERP software systems available. A few years ago, it introduced two versions: the Enterprise edition and the Community edition. The Enterprise edition offers many features that make it an excellent ERP solution. Some of the new features in the Enterprise edition include a better user interface with a new design, an impressive website builder, themes, project management, timesheets, and many other features not available in the Community edition.

Following are the services offered by Globalteckz team : 

  • Odoo Enterprise Edition Installation Services

We have experience working with licensed versions of Odoo. We provide installation services, setting up both staging and production servers. Our team also assists with user management, roles, rights, and hierarchy handling. We ensure a quick installation with minimal downtime. As official Odoo partners, Globlateckz is committed to offering the best support and services for your installation needs.

 Check out our list of Installation Package

  • Odoo Enterprise Edition Implementation Services

As official partners of Odoo, the Globlateckz team provides comprehensive Odoo Enterprise edition implementation services. This includes everything from installation and setting up users and roles to database setup and rollout. Our expert team ensures that your business processes are optimized quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Odoo Enterprise Customization Services

Every business operates differently to stay competitive, so some Enterprise edition modules might not meet all your needs. That’s why we offer Odoo Enterprise edition customization services. We can adjust the existing modules or develop new ones to match your specific business requirements, including customizing fields or creating new modules. Check out more about Odoo Customization Services 

  • Odoo Enterprise Edition 3rd Party Integration

Odoo has many third-party connectors available. If you need a connector that isn’t included, there’s no need to worry. The Globlateckz team has developed numerous third-party connectors for both the Community and Enterprise editions of Odoo. This allows you to easily connect ERP system with various tools like, Magento, Prestashop, UPS, USPS, FedEx, QuickBooks, Shopify, eBay, and more.

Check out wide range of Odoo connectors available with Globalteckz. You can check our Store for all 3rd party extensions

  • Odoo Enterprise  Support Services on Custom module

When you choose Odoo Enterprise edition, you benefit from direct support from Odoo for the standard modules you implement. However, for any customized modules, you can opt for support services from the Globlateckz team. If you get Odoo Enterprise edition through Globlateckz, we provide one month of free support for all modules, including those developed by third parties or by our team. This ensures you have a robust support plan.

  • Odoo enterprise edition Technical & Functional Training

In case you are looking out to DIY Odoo implementation and customization you can opt for technical and functional training on different areas of Odoo. Our training curriculum is divided in such a way that you can easily learn technical and functional areas of Odoo Enterprise edition without disturbing your core working.

Advantages & Benefits you gain from signing Odoo Enterprise edition from Globalteckz team.

The key of successful ERP implementation lies in the team size, resource experience and bonding with the client from understanding the requirements. Our team at globalteckz offers you with various benefits when you sign up for Odoo Enterprise version.

1. Experience pool of developers ranging from 10+ years to 2+ years of Odoo experience

2. Helps you in defining the scope of ERP software.

3. Calculative handling of licenses and customizations to ensure the initial investement is lower.

4. 1 month of free support on Customized modules developed by Globalteckz team.

5. Quality and Odoo Standard Coding to make sure no bugs after Golive

6. Our resource work in multiple timezone for powerful communication.

7.  End to End solution with respect from BRD to AMC making one stop shop for your ERP needs.

8. Official Certified Resources.

9. Silver Partners in India located in Mumbai and offered services to countries such as USA | Canada | Dubai | Europe etc.

10. Over 140+ modules and paid apps listed on the app store.

Why Odoo Enterprise is better than Community Edition

The Odoo Enterprise edition offers several advantages over the Community edition, making it a preferred choice for many businesses looking for a comprehensive and scalable ERP solution. Here are the key reasons why the Enterprise edition stands out:

1. Comprehensive Features and Modules

The Odoo Enterprise edition includes a wider range of features and modules compared to the Community edition. It offers advanced modules for accounting, manufacturing, and inventory management, which are either limited or unavailable in the Community edition. These additional modules enable businesses to manage their operations more efficiently and streamline complex processes.

2. Enhanced User Interface and Usability

Odoo Enterprise provides a more polished and user-friendly interface. The intuitive design and ease of navigation improve user experience, making it easier for employees to adopt and use the system effectively. The improved interface reduces the learning curve and increases productivity by allowing users to perform tasks more quickly and efficiently.

3. Mobile Access

One of the significant advantages of the Enterprise edition is its full mobile access. The Enterprise edition includes a dedicated mobile app, enabling users to access the system on the go. This is particularly beneficial for businesses with remote teams or field workers who need real-time access to the ERP system from any location.

4. Hosting Options and Scalability

The Enterprise edition offers flexible hosting options, including Odoo’s cloud hosting, on-premise deployment, or third-party cloud services. This flexibility allows businesses to choose the hosting environment that best suits their needs. Additionally, the Enterprise edition is designed to handle a larger volume of data and users, making it a more scalable solution for growing businesses.

5. Support and Maintenance

Subscribers to the Odoo Enterprise edition benefit from professional support and maintenance services. This includes access to Odoo’s support team for troubleshooting, bug fixes, and regular updates. Having professional support ensures that any issues are resolved promptly, minimizing downtime and disruptions to business operations.

6. Advanced Security Features

Odoo Enterprise includes advanced security features to protect sensitive business data. These features include regular security updates, encryption, and access controls, which are crucial for businesses that handle confidential information. The Enterprise edition’s enhanced security measures help safeguard data against potential threats and ensure compliance with industry standards.

7. Customization and Integration

While both editions are highly customizable, the Enterprise edition offers more extensive customization options and easier integration with third-party applications. This is particularly important for businesses that require tailored solutions to meet specific operational needs. The ability to seamlessly integrate with other business tools enhances overall efficiency and data consistency across the organization.

8. Functional Support for Specific Industries

Odoo Enterprise provides additional modules designed for specific industries, such as healthcare, education, and e-commerce. These industry-specific modules offer functionalities tailored to the unique requirements of each sector, enabling businesses to leverage specialized tools that enhance their operational capabilities.

If you are looking out for Odoo Enterprise edition our team can help you to assist on selecting the modules and the number of licensing – For more information you can email us on

How to calculate Odoo enterprise license users for your Business ?

  1. Identify All User Roles: Determine all the different roles in your organization that will need access to Odoo. This includes not only full-time employees but also part-time staff, contractors, and any third-party collaborators who will use the system.
  2. List Users for Each Role: For each identified role, list the specific individuals or the estimated number of users who will need access. Consider roles such as administrators, salespeople, project managers, accountants, HR personnel, etc.
  3. Consider User Activity: Assess the level of activity and access required by each user. Some users may need full access to multiple modules, while others might only need limited access. However, for licensing purposes, each individual with access counts as a user.
  4. Account for Growth: Plan for future growth by including additional users you expect to add over the next year or during the contract period.
  5. Sum Up Total Users: Add up the total number of individuals who will need access to Odoo. This total is the number of users you need to license.

Example Calculation:

  1. Roles Identified:
    • Administrators: 2
    • Salespeople: 10
    • Project Managers: 5
    • Accountants: 3
    • HR Personnel: 4
  2. List Users:
    • Administrators: 2 users
    • Salespeople: 10 users
    • Project Managers: 5 users
    • Accountants: 3 users
    • HR Personnel: 4 users
  3. Sum Up Users:
    • Total Users = 2 (Administrators) + 10 (Salespeople) + 5 (Project Managers) + 3 (Accountants) + 4 (HR Personnel) = 24 users

So, you would need 24 user licenses for Odoo Enterprise edition. You can also initiate with 1 user each department in order to understand the crux of the software after which you can increase the number of users as required.


  • Each unique user account counts towards the total user count.
  • It’s important to regularly review and adjust the number of users based on actual usage and business changes.

Which one to choose – Online vs .Sh vs On-premises

Odoo Online is a cloud-hosted solution managed by Odoo, offering quick setup and automatic updates, ideal for small businesses seeking a hassle-free, low-maintenance ERP. However, customization options are limited compared to other versions. is a cloud platform providing more flexibility than Odoo Online. It allows for extensive customizations and third-party integrations, making it suitable for businesses with specific needs. Odoo manages the infrastructure, ensuring reliability while giving you control over custom developments.

Odoo On-Premises provides complete control over your ERP system, hosted on your own servers. This option is ideal for businesses with stringent security requirements or complex customizations. It requires more IT resources for maintenance and updates but offers maximum flexibility and control.

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