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Odoo 9 Prestashop connector – Now connect your Prestashop eCommerce store with Odoo ERP version 9 and synchronise all your data in few clicks with our 2 way Odoo Prestashop Bridge i.e.: you can import data into Odoo from Prestashop and vice versa.

About Prestashop


about prestashop

Prestashop is a one of the leading Open source eCommerce Solution. Prestashop is published under Open Software License and is written in PHP programming language with support of MySQL database management system. Today many of the eCommerce merchants are using Prestashop – as per Wikipedia there are more than 250,000 shops worldwide with 60 different languages using Prestashop based websites. Prestashop includes many built in features and further Prestashop is fully customized as per the requirements.

About Odoo version 9 Prestashop Connector

Odoo 9 prestashop connector-Globalteckz ERP and Magento Development Company

We have created this connector for Odoo version 8 and now with extra features we have enhance the features in Odoo version 9. (Odoo Prestashop connector version 10 is different) Odoo Prestashop connector helps you with various features that enhance your experience after using and ERP software for your eCommerce website. This connector is supported for Prestashop version 1.6 and above and Odoo 9

This App provides you with following features

  1. Import Product
  2. Import Product Attributes
  3. Imports Product with Product Variants
  4. Import Categories
  5. Import Customers
  6. Import Suppliers
  7. Imports Manufacturers
  8. Imports Addresses
  9. Imports Product
  10. Imports Delivery Carriers
  11. Imports Orders
  12. Imports Order Shipping Information
  13. Update Order Status
  14. Import Cart Rules
  15. Import Catalog Price Rules
  16. Export Categories
  17. Export Product Attributes
  18. Exports Product Variants
  19. Exports Product Inventory
  20. Exports Orders
  21. Exports Order Status
  22. Exports Customer Messages
  23. Exports Cart Rule
  24. Exports Catalog price Rules
  25. Bidirectional update for order status like cancellation, payment accepted, delivered.
  26. Tax mapping
  27. Payment mapping

After Installation of Odoo 9 Prestashop Module

After you install the Odoo Prestashop connector you will be able to see the Prestashop Menu created in Odoo version 9 as showed in the below image



Here you can see the list of Shops on the Dashboards we have simplified everything in this connector i.e.: you can import and update everything from your Dashboards only.


Once you click on the Import function – a pop up will open up so that you can perform different operations from your Prestashop into Odoo ERP software

Here you can see in the below image we have list of functions that can be performed from Odoo ERP software

1. Import product attributes
2. Import of categories
3. Import of customers
4. Importing suppliers
5. Importing manufacturers
6. Import of Addresses
7. Import of all your products from Prestashop into Odoo
8. Importing of Inventory
9. Importing of shipping carriers
10. Importing of all your Prestashop Orders
11. Import of messages from the customers into Odoo
12. Import of cart rules
13. Import of catalog rules

You can import everything in one go by check boxing the respective operations – once you click on “run button” everything will be imported into Odoo version 9
Further you can also select multiple shops for the operations in one go

The above were high level features on Dashboards and importing functions – now let’s go into the steps of Prestashop Odoo Connector

Creating of instance : Click on the Prestashop menu and below you will be able to see Prestashop Instances and Prestashop shop – The first step is to create the Prestashop instance

You can create Prestashop instance in Odoo by clicking on Create button

After Opening the Prestashop instance you can fill up the form to create a new Prestashop Instance

1. Name of the instance (You can provide name of your instance example : Tony’s Shop)
2. Company Name (Fill your company name )
3. Version (You can select the version of your current Prestashop website)

Account Credentials –

4. Location – You can see your location in the Prestashop configuration information > Store Location
5. Web service Keys – In your Prestashop website – advance parameters there is an option
called Web service then you need to create/generate web service keys and provide permission to it

for More details 

Free Support

You will get 15 Days free support incase any bugs or support while installing and testing the module.

At GlobalTeckz we specialize in providing ERP implementation using the best of industry methodology that ensures successful ERP implementation. Be it manufacturing trading or eCommerce industry our resource thirve to make every project success for our clients. Globalteckz is an official partner of one of the leading open source erp solution named as Odoo and have completed more than 50+ implementation across the globe.

If you feel that this module (Odoo Magento 2) can be helpful for your business feel free to email us on

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