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Odoo Development company provides you with various services towards the ERP software implementation such as Development, customization, training and final roll out of the project for your business. There are various vendors in India USA and European region who can offer you with implementing the Enterprise Resource Planning software.

There are also external Odoo Apps that is know as Module by other vendor, Odoo partners to fullfill the needs and requirements of different businesses. External Applications are easy to install with the functions organizations are looking out for. As we know different organization has different needs and requirements with respect to business Processes, workflows and so on…

In this post, we will cover few points about Odoo apps development companies and how you can select them to manage your custom app development.

Odoo ERP is one of the leading Open source ERP software available in the market and it consists of different apps or modules which is needed by different organizations or verticals. Apps development companies are hired to create small modules or apps that is required by any organizations for their business processes,

Although Odoo consist of many apps which cater wide range of businesses, but based on workflows and processes there may be some tweaks require the standard Odoo apps or a new app to be created from scratch.

Creating Odoo apps in your company is as similar as owning a particular module, Module development requires proper knowledge of python and Odoo standards, architecture to ensure the app is perfectly working without any hassles to other modules. Further, you need to also check which version of ERP you would be preparing the app as there are different editions which includes Enterprise, Community, SAAS, Odoo SH which may require a tweak in the coding.

Different Types of Odoo Apps

There are different kinds of Odoo apps/module one can create such as integrating apps or connectors that connect your software with third-party tools some of them includes e-commerce store apps, biometrics apps, shipping apps and so on . . . Other includes custom module development, themes which helps you to create your own website design via website builder.  These 3rd party apps can be developed by your own team if you have experience developer or you can hire app development companies who can build the solution based on the requirements.

Preparing your own custom apps allows you to stay ahead of competition since you have complete tricks of your process that enhances profits and those workflows and processes get inbuilt in Odoo system to ensure a competitive edge. Further app development allows you to stay with your own processes rather changing the processes for the software.

While selecting Odoo apps development companies one should take care of the vendor experience, the coding level, the number of employees and successful apps the vendor has already delivered. Ensure for app development don’t go via freelancer as app development requires proper project team to ensure the delivery and the coding are done with proper standard.

Odoo Development Company – (Apps & Implementation) Globalteckz

You can outsource apps development task to Globalteckz. We are an official partner with over 10+ years of experience holding a team of 35+ employee ranging from junior to Project managers. We ensure your ideas are properly developed and delivered to you so that your organization can take advantages of custom Odoo apps development.

Our team based in India with the development center in the financial Hub of India – Mumbai and offer end to end solution with respect to Odoo – including Business requirement analysis, implementation, Customizations, Development, Delivery, support and so on . . .

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