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Odoo Enterprise vs Community | Overview | Pricing | Licenses

Odoo Enterprise Edition is a paid version of ERP that provides you with proprietary features and services. Since its inception odoo started as an Open source ERP software that offers business software capabilities to an organization such as CRM, Sales, Purchase, MRP, Accounting, Inventory and many other modules. Although the community edition is freely available whereas, Enterprise edition offers you with extra features  and benefits which we will go through in this blog post.

The Birth of Odoo Enterprise Edition

In October 2015, Odoo ERP released version 9. Odoo sliced Odoo community and formed Enterprise Edition. Before the release of version 9 there were Odoo version 8, 7,6,5 which was also branded as OpenERP software. After release of Enterprise edition which also allowed the company to change its business model from rather selling only Open source solution and services to proprietary solution. Every year Odoo release new version where some of the exclusive features are only kept for Odoo enterprise edition. Currently (2019 -20) Version 13 enterprise edition is the latest one.

Different Version of Enterprise Edition (online vs Odoo.sh / On Premise)

  • Odoo Online :

Odoo Online enterprise edition is easy to start with your ERP software which is available online and managed by Odoo. You cannot change any modules or customize the solution. It is targeted to small businesses who want to use ERP software without any custom development.

  • Odoo.sh

Odoo.sh Enterprise Edition, you need to either have technical knowledge towards the installation of Odoo Enterprise edition – this can be one with the help of partners who are available all around the world.  Further, you can use also use the custom module or 3rd party applications with Odoo.sh.

  • Odoo On Premise :

With Odoo On premise you can take add-ons of your Odoo ERP and  implement, install on your own server rather depending on Odoo for server, you can also customize odoo on premise software as per your business needs.

Odoo Community vs Enterprise




Odoo Apps



Source Code

Look & Feel


Functional Support


Mobile Version

Modules Availablity

Odoo Studio


Project Management

Sales Management

Human Resource 

Inventory Management


Website Builder


Point of Sales



Odoo Community



Odoo Community Edition is an Open source  ERP software that is released under LGPLv3

One can use Freely available module by installing it in Odoo software

You can customize the community edition as per your business requirements

A business can have end number of users with Odoo Community Edition

With Odoo community you have complete access to the source code to tweak the existing features

User interface in Community edition is basic

Odoo community edition is developed and tested through open collaboration (OCA)

Functional support lies with the vendor or Odoo partner you select for implementation

Upgrades are done through migration from one version to another which is done via vendor

For Mobile version of Odoo you have to develop your own android and ios app with the vendor help

Community Edition

Not Available

Invoicing & Payments

Task Management

CRM, Sales, Customer Portal

Employee Directory, Expenses, Leaves, Recruitments

Inventory & Purchase

Materials Requirement Planning

Website Builder, Blogs, Presentation, Themes

Complete eCommerce

Generic POS + Restaurant

Event, eMail & Live chat

eLearning, Chat, Google Spread sheet, Fleet, Notes

Your Text

Odoo Enterprise


per App / per user / per month

Odoo Enterprise Edition is a paid version of odoo that is released under a proprietary license

You can use all the feature of Odoo Apps with enterprise edition (Excluding 3rd party tools which is again paid based on the module you select)

There are various version of Odoo Enteprise Edition that can be customized as per your organization need but Odoo Online version cannot be customized

Number of user are based on the licensing you purchase and is chargeable on yearly basis. 

With Enterprise you can tweak the coding but it is not advisable to change the existing code rather through addons you can create customization 

Odoo Enterprise edition offers you with Advance User interface

Enterprise Edition is solely owned & developed by Odoo

With Enterprise edition you get complete functional support from the vendor/ partner as well as from Odoo 

Upgrades and version updates are handled by odoo itself if you are going with Odoo Enterprise Edition

Mobile app is available with Enterprise Edition

Odoo Enterprise Edition

Screen Customization, Report Designer, Menus Editor, Apps Creator

Complete Accounting including (Bank Statement Imports, Billing Digitalization, Budgets, Checks, Consolidation, Localizations, Reports,

Task, Timesheets, Forecast

CRM, Sales, Customer Portal, VOIP, eSignatures, Subsctiption, Rental, Digital Products, Helpdesk, Field Service 

Employee Directory, Expenses, Leaves,Recruitments, Payroll, Appraisals, Approvals, Employee refferal, Department Dashboards.

Inventory, Purchase, Barcode, Multi company flows, Shipping integrations

MRP, MRP II, IoT, PLM, Maintenance, Quality, Shipping Connectors

Website Builder, Blogs, Presentation, Themes, Form Builder, Call to Actions Blocks, Versioning, A/B Testing

Complete eCommerce, Shipping Carriers integration, eBay Connector, Amazon Connector

Generic POS, Restaurant, Loyalty Cards

Events, email, live chat, Social Marketing, Marketing Automation, Lead Scoring, eMail Marketing Templates

eLearning, Chat, Google Spread sheet, Fleet, Notes, Appointments

Advantages and Benefits of Using Odoo Enterprise

As we mentioned in the above comparison between community vs. enterprise edition there are various benefits which you gain over Odoo community edition Essential benefits Odoo Enterprise one of the biggest advantage is that OE comes with complete optimization on various gadgets such as Desktop, smart phones, Tablets, Ipad etc which provides your users to use Enterprise from which ever gadgets.

The soothing shades & menu structure of enterprise edition are more user acceptable compare to the community edition. Even the navigation menu is merged within the header that showcase clarity of solution and user friendliness.  If your business is looking out for basic ERP software then you can easily implement Community edition whereas, if you are looking out to implement Odoo for a long run then it is advisable to go with Enterprise Edition and take benefits of all the apps.

Your business also get benefits of free updates and upgrades to the newer version as Odoo releases new version every year and migration of one version to another specially with community edition is time consuming and most done through scripts which can throw errors and issues if your Odoo Vendor is not capable.

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How Globalteckz help you with Odoo Enterprise Edition Implementation:

Globalteckz is an official Odoo partner and only partners have access to enterprise edition code. We at globalteckz offer our clients with Odoo Enterprise implementation, Development, Support and end to end services. Our company is located in Mumbai (India) and has a team of 35+ employee ranging from Odoo developers, Project leads, functional experts. We have implemented Odoo Enterprise edition for many clients and till date we finished more than 100+ odoo implementation project

For more information on Odoo Enterprise contact us on sales@globalteckz.com

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