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Odoo ERP latest version Stable Migration – Advantages

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odoo latest version stable migration benefits

Odoo ERP latest version Stable Migration – Advantages

Odoo ERP latest version with stable migration is one of the phases of enterprise resource planning software which we already discussed in our last blog post. Every year any system offers you with various new functionalities based on the market growth and requirements by the clients. Therefore upgrades and updates become necessary if your organizational workflows and business processes are following new trends of market.

Odoo ERP version 17 – Latest to be released in November 2023 

For example – Not many companies were using web based ERP solution – but then due to boom of internet software are created with web based capabilities. or another example would be – Mobile friendly – which many systems offer today to use the modules and apps through mobile or tablet devices.

Latest version or migration of Odoo software comes with several benefits that make it a popular choice for businesses of all sizes. However, migrating to the new version, such as Odoo 16 (year 22- 2023), is crucial to keep up with the evolving technology landscape and customer demands.

Successful upgrades to Odoo can help businesses leverage the new features and enhancements, improve their processes, and stay ahead of the competition. It can also help ensure data privacy and security with the latest updates and patches. Having a migration guide or documentation and following best practices can help ensure a smooth and successful transition to new software.

It is essential to prepare a migration plan or document, and test the migration in a development environment, and involve key stakeholders to make sure a seamless transition. Additionally, businesses must consider the compatibility of third-party applications and customizations during the upgrading process.

What is the latest version of Odoo?

Update – As of 2023 November Odoo latest version 17 will be released – The last version released in the year 2022 was Odoo 16, it includes updates and new features. You are in the right place if you want to upgrade from an older version to a latest version. Globalteckz has performed numerous migration for Community and Enterprise edition as Partner.

Why do you need to upgrade to the new version of Odoo ?

It is not compulsory to upgrade to latest version – Many companies still using older version because their software is stable and suffice the current business needs.  A migration or upgrade to latest version may needed when there are many functions improvise compare to the current version organization is using.

For Example : Companies who implemented and using OpenERP version 8 (2014-15) – May not have access to the speed or editable fields on click or Website themes in case they want all these requirements. So they may opt for the migration to latest version. Only if the new version brings you with major benefits and advantages you can follow the migration strategies and methods.

You can gain the following advantages by adding with Latest version of ERP:

  1. Old Bugs may have been fixed
  2. New possibilities of 3rd party Integrations
  3. Addition in the functionalities of Modules
  4. Increase efficiency with new functions
  5. Improve performance of the system – such as Speed or load time
  6. Up-to-date as per market standard.

When should I upgrade to Odoo New version?

As mentioned that is is not compulsory to migrate to the latest version – although there are few issues you might be facing with your current system. where you may need to upgrade the system.

  1. Support for Older version is stopped .
  2. New version have functions that your need the most
  3. Speed and time consumption of Old system.
  4. Looking to be up-to-date as ERP is your heart of the business.
  5. Using Community edition from past 5 to 7 years and want to migrate to Enterprise edition seeing the benefits and ROI on Free version.

Advantages & Benefits of Odoo Migration

The last version of Odoo was released in October 12, 2022. It has gained popularity among SMEs (small to medium-scale enterprises). Let’s examine a few of the advantages mentioned that you can use with this ERP migration. The new version 17 is suppose to release in November 2023

User Experience:

The new design of Odoo and UI/UX is straightforward which enhance the user experience. You can quickly complete the process in few clicks rather waiting for long time.

● Powerful Performance:

The latest feature of ERP having many powerful performances such as Advance reporting, Ability to track Manufacturing status by the customer,  changes in global attributes and so on…

● New and Improved Features:

Redesigned accounting & financial Management module, inventory management, Improved purchase and sales management, and a more advanced features for website builder. These features can help organization to increase their efficiency.

● Better Integration:

Integration with other third-party applications, making it easier to connect with other software and systems. Read more Odoo BigCommerce Integration


Odoo 16 comes with improved security features to ensure data privacy and prevent unauthorized access.

● Affordable Pricing:

The Pricing of new Odoo enterprise has been reduce drastically. Previously you have to pay for modules as well as user license. With the release of latest version you just need to pay for the license and end number of module can be used. Making it a cost effective software.

● Stable Version with Error fixes:

Lot of errors and bugs from older version has been fixed in this new version – Previously stable release use to take time but now every version released is completely stable without any errors and can be implemented as the release happens.

Data Migration vs App vs Module Migration –

What are the risks involved with Odoo migration?

New and latest version migration involves many standard steps, Odoo data migration, App migration, and modules migration, each of these steps involves many risks if the process is not carried out efficiently. Here are some of the commonly associated risks with each step of the migration process:

1.Odoo Data Migration:

Data loss or corruption during the migration process leads to inconsistencies and errors in the new system. Incomplete or incorrect data migration could lead to missing or inaccurate data in the new system. Compatibility issues between the old and new systems, causing problems with data migration and integrity. The Data migration is done through script specification in the enterprise edition and the Community it not available.

Globalteckz Suggestion : If you are using community edition – Data migration script may not be available for certain version – Although you would be using the Free edition of Odoo you can run both the software simultaneously for a period of lets say 3 years 5 years.

New data can be handled via opening and closing balances. The reason of this suggestion is that with Community edition data handling can be a very risky task.

2. App Migration:

App are those modules which has been created by 3rd party. For example you customized few modules in version 12 or 13 as per your business needs. Compatibility issues with third-party apps can causing conflicts or errors in the new system if not handled properly.

Globalteckz Suggestion – While developing any kind of custom Apps – Create it as a separate code – Never touch the core modules of Odoo else migration may create issues.

3. Modules Migration:

Modules are those apps which is provided by ERP in default – either in Enterprise or Community edition. There can be incompatibility between the old and new modules which can lead to conflicts or errors in the new system. Although many a times the functions are added only without revoking the existing module functionality.

Globalteckz Suggestion – Understand the old and new module dependencies properly to reduce incorrect migration.

How to do Odoo Migration with Important Steps

A proper transfer of ERP from older version to latest require several important steps. The important points we have mentioned above but one needs to take care of below list of points for a proper and successful migration.

  • Planning:

Before starting the process, it’s important to have a detailed plan in hand with forecasting steps involved. First part of planning should be do you need to migrate the software. This should include identifying the list of module, the timeline, the budget, and the resources required.

  • Data Migration + App + Modules :

Confirm either the old data migration is needed or not – The cost of any upgrade is dependent on size of data. Plus List of Apps you have previously customized. Timelines and cost may differ based on these 3 aspects of ERP software.

  • Testing :

Testing is crucial when you migrated the module from one version to another. As Functionalities of existing flow should not break. therefore various testing methods can be applied in order to ensure proper upgrade has been done.

  • Training:

Training and handholding with new system is required in order to make the user comfortable with the software. Therefore ongoing session or documentation is needed in the initial stages of migration.


Migration process is can be more complicated than it first appears, and you’ll need professional assistance to update the ERP software. You can make use of Professional Odoo Partner who already experienced in Upgrades. They can provide you with a proper plan and timelines for the migration. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about it, please contact us at

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