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At Globalteckz we are happy to inform our viewers that we have successfully integrated – Marketplace with Odoo ERP software.


Jet is a next-generation marketplace focused on transparency, value and control for both shoppers and retailers. Jet is a fair marketplace that removes inefficiency and cost resulting in the best value for shoppers with improved margins and greater control over order profitability for retailers. is the exciting new marketplace that promises to market to the cost-conscious shopper with 5 to 10% lower prices than comparable listings on other market places. Savings are generated through a number of innovative cost cutting measures. Consumers are matched to merchants closest to their location, enabling shipping cost-cutting measures. Jet’s innovative Smart Cart feature offers even more savings for buying even more products. And consumers can waive return rights and pay with a debit card to reduce the sale price even more.

Odoo one of the leading open source ERP software integrates directly with, enable automation and synchronization between and your other sales channels which globalteckz have created separate connector. Listings can be created from Odoo itself, including variations listings with attribute management. Orders can be shipped out through SellerCloud with tracking updated automatically on Jet. Customer generated returns requests will automatically create an RMA, allowing you to easily manage the TEL_Number_Home and return process.

Features of Odoo connector

  • Create Listings from Odoo to your market place
  • Jet fulfillment node support
  • Listing of variations on Jet
  • Automized Inventory management
  • Automization of Price management
  • orders management in Odoo
  • Shipping management from Odoo
  • Manage cancell orders from Odoo
  • Tracking upload automization
  • RMA management from Odoo

Following are the screenshots of Odoo integration with steps and features 

1. JET Connector Module installation in Odoo


 2. Odoo jet User Interface


 3 Adding the Jet credentials 


Here url will be-

i – user- will be merchant api

ii- password will be merchant secret key

iii – This field values we get from Jet Partner  in the API Section

Now lets look at each button functionality..

 1-Generate Token

 On click of this button it will generate a token we need to access api..This token will be used in each api request that we make

 2-Get Taxonomy

 On click of this button it will import Jet Partner Attributes and Category  on our system. Jet Category and attributes we require while listing the Product on Jet Partner – Jet Category  we can see in menu Jet Nodes

 Jet Category we can see in menu “Jet Nodes”

Jet Partner Attributes can be seen in menu Jet Connect Attributes

Here we can see the Jet attributes and its values that it support

Import Fullfilment Nodes Button – Provides us the fullfilment details that were created on Jet Partner

Jet Connect Categ Mapping

Jet Connect Categ Mapping menu provides us to map odoo category with Jet Category, This we require if we have some other  website also integrated in Odoo. Lets say for example magento also integrated into our system..

So we want that Magento Category and  Attributes should be used instead of Jet Partner.. Then we can do its mapping in the Jet Connect Categ mapping menu and Jet Connect Attribute Mapping

Jet Connect Attribute Mapping

Jet Connect Attribute Mapping also provide us to map Odoo Attribute with Jet Attribute


Global Product Return and Shipping Settings That Apply to all the products present on Jet Partner

Return Product Setting :

Here we have fields such as :

  • Time to return – no of days after which customer can  return the product
  • Return Location – Location where customer can return the product
  • Shipping Method – Shipping method from which product should be shipped
  • Note : More than one shipping method can be used to return the product


Various Shipping Method that can be used

Product Shipping Settings

Here fullfilment is location from which we will fulfill the products

Shipping Service Available such as-

  • second day
  • next day
  • scheduled
  • expedited
  • standard

Shipping exception type

 – will be  exclusive or restricted

Exclusive is that you need to shipped the product using the same shipping method or shipping level provided

Restricted – The product cannot be shipped using the shipping method or shipping level provided



Here you can see all the products present on Jet Partner



Cancel Order can be seen on menu Jet Cancel Order


From Sales Order you can confirm Jet Cancel Order

On click on button confirm Jet Cancel Order following window will appear

Shipped Order from Odoo

We can directly shipped the Order from Odoo by going into the delivery Section of the corresponding Order

First we need to acknowledge the Product that we need to shipped

So that can be done by click on Acknowledge button that can be seen in each order line present in delivery order

So on click on acknowledge button ..

Following window will appear

Acknowledge status


Order Item Status

Update Order Status – Once Acknowlegde has been approved we can shipped the order using Update Order Status Button

On click on Update Order Status , it will popup following below window

Order Refund- It is also possible to create Order Refund From Odoo, it can be done from Sales Order by click on button  Create Jet Refund Order


On click on Create Jet Refund Order it will Popup the following window

Partial Order is for …

If you want to refund only partial Order..Like for example there are two product for a given order ..So if you want to refund only one product from that then we will select as partial Order in the Popup Window

On click of Create Return Button..

Return Wil be Processed on Jet Partner and also in Odoo Customer Refund will be created

Also we can process the Order Return From Sales Order Itself

You can see the Return Button in each Order Lines..

So On click of these button following popup will display

On click on button Create RMA

Return Merchandizing Authorization(RMA) will be created

Responsible Person can approve This RMA by click on approve button

On click on approve button ,following  window display

This was all for the Order Part.. Now Let moves to Product Section


Jet Product:

You can list the product On Jet From Odoo by just one click

Here we have selected three products to list on jet..

And after this you can select export jet products from the wizard shown above

On click on it following below window will appear

And this is it for exporting the product on Jet Partner

Same method you can apply to update inventory or Price from Odoo to JetPartner

You will see one more menu below Export Jet Product .. That is Export Inventory and Price on

On click on it following window will appear

Here For Price Update we will use field as

Pricelist and percentage

Pricelist will have options such as Fixed / Percentage..

If you choose it as fixed then List Price that is present in Product Form will be used to update price on Jet Partner.

If you choose as percentage then you need to specify the percentage in the Percentage field..

So if suppose we specify 12 % then 12 % more will be added to list price of product and that amount will be updated to Jet Partner

Fullfilment By will be the location from which we will fulfill Inventory Of Product to Jet Partner

The above are just the basic features Globalteckz team has developed with Odoo connector our team also constantly working on other connectors specifically market places to ensure eCommerce merchants have one single ERP solution that can manage various business areas. We have developed Amazon Marketplace Connector, eBay, Magento and many more . . . you can check the list of connectors from this link

For more information you can email us on

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