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Odoo implementation has been carried by various Businesses ranging from small to large. Companies that are using small business software also started implementing Odoo software since there are various options available such as Odoo Enterprise, Community, SH, etc. The best thing about Odoo ERP software implementation is that it offers you excellent modules and apps that can be used for specific industries. For example: for Manufacturing businesses, there are basic and advanced manufacturing modules available, for trading and services too there are stand-alone modules available that can be implemented easily.

Odoo ERP software Implementation requires resources and knowledge of specific methodologies that are implemented and executed during the implementation. Also, knowledge of functional areas of Odoo is as important to ensure the software company is looking out to provide the same or better functions. Odoo is modular in nature where you can install various modules as per your business needs but the fact is that sometimes business needs differ from the standard ERP modules which require customization to meet the organization flows and processes.

For implementing Odoo ERP with the customization and complete development you may need a pool of resources such as Developers, Project leads, Functional heads, Code Quality testers etc for a successful implementation. As we mentioned that Odoo ERP software provides you with various benefits one of them being a fully Modular ERP software. You can also install odoo ERP on your local machine with Odoo community or trail version of enterprise edition to understand how odoo fits your business needs. Globalteckz is an Odoo Impelmentation company and (Official Odoo ERP Partner) since 2013.

Out team has Experience working from OpenERP 5 till Odoo ERP 13 which is the latest version released by Odoo. We have worked on extreme customization for our clients including verticals such as Manufacturing, Trading, Services Industries. Before implementing Odoo ERP or any ERP software one needs to understand current business process and functions through which proper decision can be made on the cost and timelines of the project.

odoo implementation services

Odoo Implementation Services:

Many times companies get confuse with Odoo “Installation” and “implementation” as the terms used synonymy. Although there is lot of difference between the both installation is few click work which install Odoo ERP software on your Machine whereas, for implementation, there are various areas which needs to be taken care of such as planning for ERP software, Modules that are requires, workflows, processes, hierarchy & roles definition in the ERP, addition of fields that has been used, testing, training etc.

Odoo ERP Implementation package helps organisation require who would like to implement Odoo software. In this package we help you to define all your Odoo ERP needs and requirement and implement the system on your server including the processes and hierarchy with training to your employees on how to use Odoo software. Once you implement odoo erp successfully you gain confidence and even further customize the solution for future.  Further with default features of Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning you can easily make out a plan on where you actually need customization.

In recent years we have seen many clients who initiated with Odoo ERP Implementation which is also called as out of the box or vanilla implementation with no customization. Odoo ERP Implementation package offers you with all the default features available in Odoo as per your choices.

Odoo Implementation Package



Setup (Posgresql, python, Odoo)

Odoo Installation

Module Implementation






Data Migration

Roles & Heirarchy

Installation on Client Server







One Time

Upto 100 Records

Upto 5 hours

No Server Setup


Upto 5 hours

30 Days

Upto 5 hours



One time

Upto 500 Records

Upto 10 hours

Including Server Setup


Upto 10 hours 

90 Days

Upto 15 hours



One Time 

Upto 1000 Records

Upto 15 hours

Including Server Setup


Upto 20 hours 

180 Days

Upto 20 hours

Following are some of the duties which Globalteckz team as Odoo implementation company

  1. Odoo ERP Installation
  2. Odoo ERP Set up (posgresql, python, Odoo)
  3. Odoo Apps / Odoo Modules Implementation (default modules mentioned with complete setup)
  4. Modules installation (Any 10 modules you choose from Odoo out of the box modules below are some of the examples)
  5. Customer Relationship Management (Odoo CRM)
  6. Sales Management Module
  7. Marketing Management
  8. Purchase management
  9. Inventory & Warehouse Management
  10. Accounting Management (Specific countries chart of accounts)
  11. Data Migration such as Customer, products etc. (upto 100 records)
  12. Roles & Hierarchy
  13. Installation on Client Server
  14. Final testing
  15. Training on how to use the modules (Optional at extra cost)

The biggest advantage of this Odoo ERP implementation package is that it ensure you to understand the basic functions of Odoo and with the same your different departments can learn which fields needs to be added and which should be removed. This ensures every department needs are taken care of while customising the software in future.

Odoo ERP implementation package also ensures you to minimise the cost by changing your workflow as per Odoo business processes in case require.

For pricing of odoo Basic implementation package

You can fill our inquiry form and our team will get back to you within 12 hours time

Other Odoo Services Offered by Globalteckz

odoo customizations

  • Odoo Customization

Apart from implementation services we also offer Odoo customization services where we understand the custom development needs of the companies and based on the requirements provide our timelines for the project. Odoo Customization requires when the out of the box features are not viable for companies therefore organization who needs certain customization in the field, workflows, business processes, forms or developing a whole new module from scratch which is not available on Odoo apps Our team offer them with Odoo customization services.

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odoo integration services

  • Odoo 3rd Party Integration

Odoo Connectors or integration services offered by globalteckz provide you with 3rd party integration that communicate with Odoo. The need of 3rd party connector has been increased as there are various software companies use that needs to be integrated with Odoo ERP. Integration is done via understanding the API’s availability by the software company. Our team have experience in integrating 3rd party tools such as Connectors for Amazon.com, Magento, Prestashop, UPS, USPS, FedEx, Quickbooks etc.

The main advantage of  of integration is to make sure your existing tools which is more user friendly are on their place without disturbing a particular department. 3rd party tool integration also make sure you have everything in one single software that is Odoo.

odoo implementation support

  • Odoo  Support

Once you finish off with Odoo ERP implementation and customization your company may need Odoo support which starts starts when you complete your system development and go live with Odoo ERP software. Odoo Support provided by vendors needs to be strong as after the completion of project there may be issues faced by the users. There are many organization who implement Odoo who ignore support part and later demotivates themselves from using Odoo software.

At Globalteckz we ensure support every client get proper support if the development or apps purchased from our company. We offer 1 month support free of cost on the work we have performed to ensure any issue can be taken care of immediately.

odoo technical and functional training

  • Odoo Technical & Functional Training

Technical and Functional training is provied to organization who want to implement Odoo themselves, to reduce dependencies on Odoo vendor. Odoo technical training provides you with Code level training which can be basic and advance Odoo training whereas, Functional area of the software such as understanding the working of CRM, Sales, Purchase, Manufacturing and other modules, has been covered in Odoo Functional Training. We also offer Odoo user training after implementation to ensure the actual users understand every flow of the system during the use of the software.

Globateckz offer Odoo technical and functional training in case anyone wants to learn Odoo platform for their internal organizational purposes. We divide the Training curriculum in such a way that you can learn Odoo without disturbing your core working.

odoo consultancy

  • Odoo Business Requirements Analysis/ Consultancy

Business Requirement Analysis and consultancy offers when the requirements and flow are not in place before implementing Odoo ERP software. As we know that any ERP software success is based on a proper documentation if there is a complete document available Implementing ERP will be smooth. In Business Requirement Analysis we collect data from various departments understand flows, forms hierarchy and document in writing. This offer understanding to the business how much work needs to be done such as customization, new module development etc.

In Business Requirement Analysis our team personally visit your place and understand all your business processes from different department, based on which we prepare a Business requirement Document that becomes helpful while implementing Odoo or any other software. If you would like to check a format of Business Requirement Document you can email us on sales@globalteckz.com

odoo onsite services

  • Odoo Onsite development

We offer Onsite development to make sure project is rolled out quickly as the communication becomes fast being working in the client office. We have Odoo resources who are working from client place in different countries.

  • Odoo Version Migration

We have recently successfully migrated Odoo for our clients including the old modules, databases etc. Being official Odoo Partner we ensure to make every Odoo successful for our clients be it small enterprise or Big organizations.

vertical handled by globalteckz

Odoo Verticals Handled

We have handled various verticals such as Trading organizations, Services, Manufacturing with Advance Manufacturing stages and eCommerce merchants who sells their products via different Online shops. Our Team at Mumbai (India) location includes various employees ranging the experience from 1 to 7 years specific with Odoo Experience.

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We have set up different software methodology based on the clients requirements to ensure Odoo working is smooth with no hassle and delivered on time based on the requirements.


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