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Odoo magento connector developed by GlobalTeckz team with more enhancement and features compare to other magento connectors for Odoo available in the market. Our team recently completed eBay Odoo connector to ensure our clients get the benefits of using the latest version of Odoo – OpenERP.

Today eCommerce is one of the most growing medium and many retailers are moving from virtual retail store to online eCommerce platforms including, Amazon, eBay or else their own online website based on the platform such as magento.

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Magento is one of the widely used eCommerce platform for selling of products; and to manage the your magento eCommerce store our team at GlobalTeckz have created an Extension/ integration for one of the leading Open source ERP software – Odoo. With Odoo Magento connector your gain loads of advantages.

Odoo Magento connector features

  • Importing products from Magento
  • Importing Attributes
  • Importing Attribute Sets
  • Import category
  • Import customers
  • Importing orders from Magento
  • Exporting products from Odoo to magento
  • Exporting stock levels from Odoo to Magento in real time
  • Real time updates on the orders status
  • Updating the status of orders from Odoo to magento
  • Common Inventory management (incase selling on different market places)
  • Multiple Magento store management
  • Importing of payment method

Being Odoo (OpenERP) is a web based tool you can manage all your magento stores from anywhere with the help of Internet connectivity. You get real time results and reporting as and when require that allows you with effective and efficient decision making. Apart from the functionalities Odoo magento connector can be integrated quickly and cost effectively being Open source.

Connect your Magento website with leading Open source ERP software – Odoo – contact our team on sales@globalteckz.com incase you are looking out for Odoo Magento integration.

Below are the list of videos of our Odoo magento connector

{youtube} Odoo version 8 Magento connector importing functions

{youtube}Odoo version 8 Magento connector creating instance in odoo and magento stores

{youtube} Odoo version 8 Magento connector managing all your magento stocks, Magento customers, Magento orders from odoo itself

{youtube} Odoo version 9 community or enterprise version magento connector part 1 on creating instances creating magento stores managing all your magento stocks, magento customers, magento orders from odoo software

{youtube}Odoo version 9 community or enterprise version magento connector part 2 on all the export functionalities which you can perform from Odoo directly to Magento eCommerce https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOKdqRkcjWs

{youtube}Odoo version 9 magento connector complete flow with import and export functions

 We also have magento extension available for version 7, 8, 9, 10,11 & 12 of Odoo

Odoo eBay connector

Odoo Amazon Connector

Odoo UPS Connector

Odoo Quickbooks connector

Odoo Channel Advisor connector

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