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Odoo Migration Service version 14 | Upgrade is another service offered by Globalteckz. Migration of Odoo from older version to latest version is one of the need of companies who are already using Odoo ERP software in their business. Odoo is one of the leading ERP software in the market with over 100+ downloads every day. Odoo ERP software is best suitable for Small and Mid sized businesses. Odoo migrations are tricky as from older version to new version there can be a number of changes which needs to be taken care off.

Every year Odoo released a new version with various features and editions. The New edition of Odo may come up with extra add on features in few modules as per market requirements.  The are companies who are still using older version of Odoo as they are completely satisfied with the functions. There are also organizations who like to update and upgrade odoo every year in order to keep Odoo up to date.

What is Odoo Migration ?

Odoo ERP migration is the practice of transferring data, accounts, and functionality from one version of Odoo to another or the latest one. Sometimes Odoo migration also refers to a process when you are migrating the existing ERP from one server to another but that is another case only require when your hosting provider is not up to your expectations. Migrating Odoo from one version of software to another can be hard enough for an individual. As there are various processes that need to be followed during the migration. Migrations can be IT nightmare too if there is poor planning during the migration.

Let’s have a look at the Advantages & Benefits of Odoo Migration

  • 1. Requirements Development:

If you are migrating to the latest version of Odoo one of the benefits you gain is that you easily develop new requirements. As older version may not fulfill your complete needs due to changes in processes and workflows. With Migrating to the latest version you can easily create any new changes that you would like to keep in the new version of Odoo ERP. You can also remove the older functions which is no more require in your business. It is important to sit with key users of your company and check out existing features and identify irrelevant functions that are no more required.

  • 2. System Understanding

It is not necessary that the migration will be handled by the functional consultant or vendor who actually done the implementation. As they may go ahead with new jobs or new projects. Migration comes with the benefit of gaining system knowledge. Existing Odoo user may know about the functional areas of Odoo with migration you gain knowledge on technical understanding of how the actual Odoo got developed. Odoo migration done through reverse engineering by understanding the existing functions and replicating the same in the latest version.

  • 3. Scalability

With Odoo Migration you get to understand how much server capacity or a number of users needs to be increased in the future based on which you can scale the ERP system in advance. This also ensures powerful business continuity Business Continuity

  • 4. Speed up

With the Latest version of Odoo you speed up your Odoo software as the line of codes compare to the older version or Odoo has been reduced drastically. Which increases the speed of your latest ERP software.

  • 5. Easy availability of Technical Resources

If we compare Odoo version 8 to the latest version the number of community members are increasing day by day. We remember when Odoo – India partners were only 20 and around 400 all over the world way back in 2014. Whereas, today the numbers has been increased in fourfold. Migrating to the latest version helps you to get easy availability of resources.

Legacy software to Odoo Migration 

The above points which we discussed on Odoo ERP migration from one version to another. Today there are companies that are using stand-alone software that handles only CRM, Sales, or HRM software or Accounting software. They are also called as legacy software which is older than 5+ years in the organization and don’t offer complete benefits that an ERP software offers. There are companies that are looking to migrate from their legacy software to Odoo ERP software. In that case, the migration process is way different compare to Odoo version. Our Team have experience in migrating Tally, Stand alone software to odoo.

Migration vs Upgrades in Odoo

Migration and upgrades are used synonymously but both are different. Migration in Odoo is a broader concept where as Upgrades is a narrower concept. As we know there were many different Odoo versions available as Odoo releases a new version every year with add on and upgrade modules. Today Odoo ERP consist of more than 10000 + modules for different industry, different verticals. Being Odoo Open source ERP software is specifically crafted for Small and Medium Sized organization with modules available for specific industries be it Trading, Manufacturing, Services industry. Another important benefits of using Odoo is that it’s simply web based tool where people from anywhere can and update details. Some of the other features which your organization can use are Reports, Inventory Management & Tracking, Point of sales, Integration with eCommerce or any specific modules as per the organization requirements.

Odoo Migration are performed by organization who are using old version of Odoo such as version 8, 9, 10 or lower version. As we know that Odoo ERP consist of various module and apps that get enhance every year with the release of new version – this year Odoo released version 14 with many features. Migration of Odoo from older version to the new version provides you with better features and improved functionality.

Upgrades in Odoo can be applicable for one particular module for example if there is a new function available in the latest version of Odoo and you would like to replicate it with your existing version – you can customize the module and upgrade the same to the Odoo which your business is using.

There are companies who still prefer using old version and then spend money on customizing each and every module. Actually migration from one version to another version of Odoo is a time consuming task and require a proper preparation and expertise by the vendor. For basic Odoo with few customization the time consumption is less where as if your Odoo system consist of too many modules then it may require higher time frame.

There are various methodology one needs to follow during the migration of Odoo from one version to another as missing out any steps in migration can harm your time and money. Some of the areas include latest version installation, Module & app migration, fields, forms, current workflow migration and the time consuming part – Database migration which normally done through running Odoo migration script.

A Fact Check from Globalteckz Experience

As per our Experiences we are working with Odoo since 2009 when OpenERP version 5 then OpenERP 6, 6.1 got released every latest version of Odoo brings up new features for example in version 5 the User interface was not that sober and the modules were limited but the workflows and drilling down of each task was very easy that was something which was removed in OpenERP 6 and 6.1. Further OpenERP 7 way back in the year 2011 came up with new User interface and more modules which was contributed by the community members. OpenERP Became Odoo with $10 Million in Funding and POS feature was added that was not available in the older version.

In later version website builder, subscription and other necessary apps were added.  Stating our above experience it clearly showcases that every new version of Odoo provided good and advance functionalities which is most needed by any ERP user. Therefore keeping old version and module may not be feasible for long term growth.

Odoo Migration – Best Time to Decide!

Decide Now as it’s one of the best time to move to the latest Odoo from your old version as the latest Odoo comes with many extra features and advantages. – Still the best advantages of Implementing Odoo is that it’s one of the leading Open Source ERP software available in the market with no licensing and way better in functionality and added features compare to OpenERP and Odoo old versions.

Some of the New features added to Odoo 14 latest version over the older version of Odoo

  • Major changes  in Accounting module such as dashboards, Assets reports, product reports depreciation
    financial reports with new design
  • Automate account hierarchy
  • Smoother migration from Invoicing to Accounting apps
  • Changes in Appraisal Modules such as surveys, Usability, goals
  • Barcode level changes
  • Improved Barcode demo/test sheet to help you with your first set of workflows.
  • Barcode Management: Easily use the Barcode application without a barcode scanner: buttons, field editing.
  • Usability: Misc. usability improvements in the Barcode app.
  • MRR: Handle recurring revenues and manage renewal information intervals by using distinguished plans. User-defined plans handle recurring revenues and manage renewal intervals
  • Mail Integration: Received email for leads generation and log their content as internal notes. Turn emails received in your Outlook mailbox into leads, and log their content as internal notes.
  • Data cleaning – Duplication: Identification and merging of duplicate records can be automated.
  • Field Cleaning: Easy setting of automatic formatting and or cleaning/clearing of text fields.
  • Check out Odoo 14 New features list 

What’s More you Gain from Odoo Migration ?

Odoo included many enterprise modules for different industries including, Point of Sales, Manufacturing, Warehouse management, Human Resource Management, and so on available free over the internet and can be customized as per the business requirements.

At GlobalTeck we are official odoo partners and have successfully completed more than 50+ Odoo project we are working with our team in Mumbai – India and offer end to end services with Odoo software including the Migration services for Odoo with customized modules that you have created previously.

For more details and information you can email us – info@globalteckz.com

Conclusion :

Odoo migrations are time consuming and require patience migration cannot be performed overnight as there are module migration databse migration which needs to be taken care off. A proper Odoo migration methodology can help you to achived migration successfully.

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About Globalteckz:

At Globalteckz we offer our clients world-class Business and Enterprise solutions. We have a presence in India and have successfully offered an end to end solutions to our clients. Some of our services offerings include leading Open Source Solutions such as Odoo, Magento, and other eCommerce development. We deliver excellence and quality for Information Technology & Software Solutions to our clients worldwide. We have experience in Migrating Odoo ERP from version 7 to latest version – Our Team also did successful database migrations from legacy software to Odoo ERP solution.

For questions on Odoo Migration and cost that can involve your business you can contact our sales team at sales@globalteckz.com

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