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Odoo Social Marketing Module : – In the Organization the most face challenges are to connect the social community accurately and effectively. The release of the Odoo Social marketing Module made a great relief for the company engaging effectively with the audience Social marketing succors to an organization to connect with its community with the assistance of social media, push notifications, live chat, and so on.

Step 1: Install the Social Marketing module

Now Install the module of Social Marketing from run the App Store.

01 apps

Step 2 : Add Social Media and Create Feed

add social media and create feed

Step 3: ADD a STREAM

Here we can see two options of “Add a stream” and “New post”. To start this Module , we need the link of the respective social media account and click to “ADD a STREAM” button tp add a new steam.

03 add a stream

Step 4:Link with Odoo social Marketing

Now we can choose any one of them to link with Odoo social Marketing.

Once we linked the social account to Odoo social marketing we will be redirected to the feeds.

When we publish new feeds to our respective accounts a column will be automatically added here.

Then we are able to add new streams to the feeds there and also can customize the view of it as the user wish.


04 link with odoo social marketing


Step 5: Content publishing

 Once we add a Social account we have to add some KPI’s for the same.

Audience: these are the followers of the channel

Engagement: count of engagement with the posts we posted.

Stories: count that indicates the sharing of our posts by followers.

To publish content or to push any notification to the audience we should click on the “New Post” and it we will get a new window to create a post.

05 content publishing

Here we can mention on which account we want to post the content or notification. 

Then we shall mention the message we need to impart.

Also can add images if necessary.

We can also schedule the time of posting it or we shall post it just then itself.

If we tick on the push notification, we will get new options to configure the push notifications

06 configure the push notification

Step 6 : Enable push notifications on the website

The account used for the notification is the firebase account and by default the subscribers get push notifications.

If we need to configure push notifications on the website go to 

Website -> Settings -> Web push notifications

07 enable push notifications

To get more fields to configure notifications, we have to enable the in the setting of Web Push Notification (Social app)and enable Web Push Notifications 

Once we have done with it a pop-up will appear to the visitors asking them to allow push notifications. When the permit is issued, we are able to send a notification to the visitors. We can send notifications individually as well as for a group of visitors on the list.

Step 7 : Interaction with online visitors

We can keep track of website pages in the website application and accordingly we can monitor the visitor’s arrival at our pages. If we have authenticated visitors we can contact them through the mail, push notifications, messages, live chat, and so on.

08 interaction woth online visitors

Step 8 : Configuration of social media accounts

This module by default is linked with Facebook and Twitter and we can configure our own accounts if needed, for that, we have to activate the developer Mode and then go to social marketing -> configuration -> settings -> enter our own APIs keys for the connection.

09 configauring of social media account

Step 9 : Campaigns

Here we can also create Social media campaigns. For that go to Social marketing -> Campaigns -> Create.

10 campaigns

Here we have different stages of campaigns which can predefine or We can create stages as per the needs.

To create a campaign, click on the “Create” button and Then we will get a new window to create it.

11 create campaigns

Once we create the campaign and After creating it we can post it in social accounts/media by clicking on the “Send Social Post” button. We also can send it as Push notifications from here itself by clicking on the “Push Notification” button. Also can be sent as a message by clicking on the “Send SMS” button.

So this is all about Social Marketing module in Odoo ERP software. – The screenshots has been taken from Odoo version 15. 

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