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Connect your eBay store with Odoo 10 eBay connector from globalteckz. After being top seller on Odoo apps with Odoo Magento connector by offering powerful support and services, Globalteckz team came up with Odoo eBay connector developed after in-depth research from eBay merchants worldwide and understanding their needs and requirements that an eBay management software should perform. Our Odoo eBay connector ensures you to manage all your eBay stores and it’s functions in one single software further to manage every aspect of your online sales from an ERP software.
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Why eBay connector is essential

Being an eBay seller and processing hundreds of orders and transactions everyday from single or multiple ebay stores you need an ERP software that can manages your eBay stores in one single screen. Odoo eBay connector is well tested with different vendors worldwide as per their business needs and requirements and it enables and automates your workflow and business processes in more superior way. Our Odoo eBay connector helps you to reduce time on processing the orders and deliveries. You dont even need to login to the backend of eBay store.

Our Odoo 10 eBay connector is not specific on one country whichever country eBay store or stores you are handling you can easily connect your multiple eBay store from Odoo eBay connector.

Odoo version 10 eBay connector

Odoo 10 eBay module provides you with following features
  • Creating an eBay Instance
  • Create eBay Shops in one single Click with details.
  • Manage Multiple eBay Stores.
  • Import Shipping Services and Carriers including & excluding Shipping Locations
  • Import Delivery Methods
  • Import Products from eBay to Odoo 10.
  • Import Product Attributes, Product Attributes Values from eBay to Odoo 10.
  • Import Product Variants from eBay to Odoo 10.
  • Import Product Categories eBay to Odoo 10.
  • Import Product Images from eBay to Odoo 10.
  • Import Listings with Listing status, Listing variants, Listing images, Listing Templates
  • Import Inventory from eBay to Odoo 10.
  • Import Customer from eBay to Odoo 10.
  • Import Orders from eBay to Odoo ERP.
  • Import Orders with Product Attribute as well with products from eBay to Odoo software.
  • Import Order’s Shipping Info from eBay to Odoo erp.
  • Import Order’s Payment Info from eBay to Odoo version 10.
  • Update Order Status from Odoo to eBay
  • Import Customer Messages including Read and Unread Messages from eBay to Odoo
  • Manage messages on orders if that is paid from eBay to Odoo
  • Reply To Customer Messages From Odoo to eBay
  • Add Dispute on eBay for specific Order
  • Import Customer Feedback on Order
  • Email Invoice From Odoo to your eBay customer directly
  • Issue Refund From Odoo to eBay for specific Order
  • Export New Listing from Odoo to eBay.
  • Update Existing Listing from Odoo to eBay.
  • Relist Ended Listing from Odoo to eBay.
  • Update Existing Listing from Odoo to eBay.
  • Bidirectional sync for products (Inventory, Price, Description and so on..
  • Tax mapping
  • Manage your own workflows

One Single Dashboard for all the information

Once you are logged in to eBay store you can simply click on the Dashboards to check the list of details including the number of stores, Orders from that particular eBay store, Pending Orders, completed orders on eBay, Invoices, Pending Deliveries and completed deliveries, You can also check the number of listings, closed and active listings. Our Dashboard is very simple but powerful enough to take quick decisions included with the drill down to have a check on every single items from this single screen.

After installation of eBay connector with your Odoo software

Here as you can see once you do the installation of ebay connector you can see the eBay menu.

Creating eBay instances

The initial step it to create your eBay instances you can click on eBay menu > then click on eBay instances under eBay configuration.

After opening the eBay instance you can click on create button as showed in the below figure

Once the form is opened up you need to configure all the details in order to create ebay instance which is as follows Name of your eBay instance, Enviornment, – General information such as Dev ID, App ID, CertID, Server URL, Site & Token, All these information you can get from eBay account.

After filling all the information as showed in the below image you can simply click on the “Save” Button.

After you clicked on save button you just need to edit the instance again and select the site.

After selecting the site – Click on Create eBay shop button – This will create eBay Stores in Odoo

After Creating eBay stores from the instance you can click under eBay configuration where you can able to see the list of stores created from your eBay instances

You can click on one of the shops so perform the functions and features of Odoo eBay connector

Here you can see that we have all the details available from your eBay store details into Odoo Some of them are Shop Name, URL, Instance, Site, Shipping Policies, Warehouse id, email addresses etc. There is also manage eBay section.

Here you can see we have list of functions that can be performed on your eBay store from Odoo ERP software which we willdetailed below

Let’s initiate with Import Shipping Services & Carriers – To initiate import shipping Services and Carriers you can click on the button as showcased in the below image

You can see the list of Shipping services imported from eBay to Odoo by going into > Shipping Details > Shipping Services – You can drill down to each and every shipping services if needed

You can also see the list of excluded locations for shipping

And list of locations where you are eligible to ship the products

Import category

You can import all the categories from your eBay to Odoo by clicking on Import all Categories button

Once you click on Import all Categories you can see the list of categories under eBay Categories > Categories including the categories ID, leaf category and so on. . . For more details you can click on individual category.

With import category all the attributes are also imported which can be seen under eBay Categories> Attributes which offers you with complete details of every attributes.

Import Catalog & Related Category

With Odoo eBay connector you can import all catalog and related Categories by clicking on the given button.

Here you can see the list of All products imported from eBay into Odoo software under the menu eBay product. For individual details you can go into each and every details of the product for more information.

eBay Templates

With Import Catalog & Related Category you can also able to import all eBay Templates for detailing of each and every template which is available on your eBay store you can simply click on the template.

Item Listing

As showed in the below image all the item listings are also imported including the details such as Shop name, Quantity, Ebay Start Time, End time, Listing Type, eBay Pricing, Active listing, ended listing and so on . . .

Editing the eBay listing from Odoo

As seen in the below figure you can simply update the listings on eBay from Odoo, you can also add listings, and relist the items as required. You can also see the listing detailed information such as Product name, eBay title, Out of stock category, Primary and Secondary Category, Condition of the product, Listing time, Shipping Services, Listing Status, Business policies, Discount price information, Product images and so on. . . .

Import Orders

To import all your orders, you can simply click on import orders button which will import all your orders from eBay to Odoo

Once you are click on import orders button you can see all the list of orders by clicking on eBay orders > All Orders. In the below image you can see the list of orders.

You can also check every order individually by clicking on the orders as seen in the below image with all the details like Customer name, Order Date, Payment terms, Carrier, email Address, Order lines, ebay information, eBay messages etc.

Pending Orders: You can also see the list of pending orders once you do the import from Odoo

For individual items you can check by clicking on one of the pending orders where you can see all the details

Unpaid Orders :

You can see the list of orders which are unpaid as showcased in the below image

For individual items you can check by clicking on one of the unpaid orders where you can see all the details

Done or Completed Orders can also be seen under eBay orders

For individual items you can check by clicking on one of the Paid orders where you can see all the details

Delivery orders Management

After the import you can also see the list of delivery orders under – ebay Delivery orders as showed in the below image All Delivery order

Here is one of the example of Delivery order which can be drill down easily

You can also easily check Pending delivery orders

For individual items you can click on each delivery order that can be validated or any other actions can be taken easily.

Done Delivery orders and individual items can be easily check out by clicking on done delivery order button

Import eBay Messages – To Import all your eBay messages simply click on the button.

As you can see in the below image we have imported all the eBay messages

You can click on individual messages to check the details of the same

Read & Unread eBay messages – You can check on the eBay messages which has been read or unread on eBay

Import Feedback: To import feedback you can click on eBay Stores > Manage eBay and click on Import Feedback.

You can click on any sales order and then check the feedback for the same

The above are just the base functions which we have created in our Odoo eBay connector as the eBay API opens up we will be able to add more features to our connector that will be freely upgradable in future for Odoo version 10

Free Support

You will get 15 Days free support incase any bugs or support while installing and testing the module.

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At GlobalTeckz we specialize in providing ERP implementation using the best of industry methodology that ensures successful ERP implementation. Be it manufacturing trading or eCommerce industry our resource thirve to make every project success for our clients. Globalteckz is an official partner of one of the leading open source erp solution named as Odoo and have completed more than 50+ implementation across the globe.

If you feel that this module (Odoo eBay) can be helpful for your business feel free to email us on sales@globalteckz.com

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