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Odoo eBay connector and extension by Globalteckz. Enterprise resource Planning software (ERP) for eBay store Management At Globalteckz we have successfully migrated Odoo – eBay module for OpenERP version 8 which was previously only available for version 7. Odoo (OpenERP) eBay Connector is one of the most important eCommerce connector customized by GlobalTeckz team which is specifically crafted for eBay merchants. This eBay Odoo (OpenERP) integration helps you to manage all your eBay Orders, eBay Products Listing, eBay  Pricing update and many more. Our Odoo (OpenERP) eBay extension further can be customized as per the business requirements.

We have successfully integrated Odoo (OpenERP) with eBay shops based in USA, UK, Europe and other specific countries. Our Odoo (OpenERP) eBay connector have the capability to handle variety of eBay stores. Our eBay connector is quick to integrate with your eBay store.

Following are the Screenshots with the functionalities of Odoo eBay integration

1. Creating an eBay Instance on Odoo

Enter the below credentials

1. Name – You can write any name for the instance – eg : John
(Note : Name of instance should be unique for every instance)
2. Environment : There are two option viz : Sandbox for testing and Production for live environment
3. Dev Id : Insert the key provided by eBay
4. App ID : Insert the key provided by eBay
5. Cert Id : Insert the key provided by ebay
6. Token : Insert the token Provided by

2. Creating an Odoo Shop in eBay

After clicking on “Create eBay shop” – A Pop up will open where you need to add the following information

After filling up the fields click on “Create eBay Shop button” and shop will be created

3. Import Products from eBay to Odoo


There is button name Import Orders under title Orders as shown in the below screenshot. All the orders on eBay will be imported to Odoo by a single click.

Creating Template for Listing Product

1. Template type – Select the option selling

2. Template name – Write any name

3. Title – Write any title

4. Listing Type – Select an appropriate option

5. Private listing – Select an appropriate option

6. Quantity – put the quantities

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7. Currency – select the currency in which you want to sell for e.g USD

8. Price – Select an appropriate option

9. Best Offer – Select an appropriate option

10. PayPal email – write down the PayPal email if you want

11. Condition – select the condition which you created above in product variant

12. Description – write the description of the product which you want not shown on eBay


List Items : With our Odoo eBay connector you can easily list items on eBay with few clicks

After adding all the details you have to click on Get Unlisted products and you will a Pop up wizard where you need to select the products to be listed

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After setting all the things at bottom there is a button name. Add item at the bottom of the page click on that and the product will be listed on the eBay .


After completing the above steps of setting up of eBay module below is the screenshot of eBay store

If you are an eBay seller and want to manage your eBay store with a full fledge ERP software – this Odoo eBay extension developed by Globalteckz is one to choose from. It helps you with complete integration of your multiple ebay stores. Further it simplifies your ebay processes.

Please contact our team on  sales@globalteckz.com incase you are looking out for Odoo (OpenERP) eBay integration. We also have connectors for

  • Odoo – Magento
  • Odoo – Amazon
  • Odoo – paypal
  • Odoo – Authorize.net
  • Odoo – Channel advisor and many more

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