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OpenERP Experts | OpenERP Implementation Experts | OpenERP customization Experts

OpenERP Experts
OpenERP Experts | OpenERP implementation Experts | OpenERP Customization Experts 

Are you looking out for Implementing OpenERP solutions for your business and searching for OpenERP experts who can design & implement ERP solutions as per your business processes and workflows? Then you have landed up to the correct page. In this post we will discuss the various areas where you might need a help of OpenERP Experts.

OpenERP implementation can be tricky if not done with the help of expert team, as there are few steps that needs to be follow up to ensure success with your OpenERP development. Further there are businesses who work with their own processes that needs to be customize to ensure the software works as per the requirements rather changing the processes after implementing the software.

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OpenERP implementation consist of different areas according to the needs of your business and it requires Experts for every area such as OpenERP development expert, training expert, Support Expert team – Following are the different areas one should check after selecting OpenERP software for their business.

OpenERP Installation

OpenERP installation is one of the basic step or a phase that any organization require – Installation of OpenERP is not one click installation which you normally do for installing applications – There are few steps which needs to be follow up and we suggest until you are not strong from the technical side do take help of OpenERP Experts. OpenERP installation is default out of the box method for testing or checking the software basic functionalities. Although OpenERP installation don’t take much time as it is installed normally out of the box.

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OpenERP implementation

Many a times people get confuse with these two words – “Installation” & “Implementation” Although there is a huge difference in installation and implementation – Installation is to test the tool and not crafted for every users but for specific users from every department where as OpenERP implementation is done for its actual use when every user start entering the details as per departments. OpenERP installation is done in few hours whereas OpenERP implementation is little long process. Therefore incase of Implementation take the help of OpenERP experts to insure success.

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OpenERP Customization

OpenERP customization is another area where you need an OpenERP Experts – OpenERP is fully customizable software as per the business requirements, and customization are performed when your business have different requirements from the default modules. Customization in OpenERP can be minor (fields level) or Major (creating a module from scratch). Ensure a proper team of experts are working on the software for OpenERP customization as this can be tricky or a failure if experts are not in place.

OpenERP Integration

This is another area which is one of the trickiest while performing 3rd party software integration. OpenERP being web base software is completely integrates with your existing software until they offer web services or API key’s. One must take OpenERP experts help who have handled integration previously to meet the needs.

OpenERP Support Experts

OpenERP support is an ongoing process which your business may need after the implementation. OpenERP support ensures you with bug free software and helps during breakdowns. For OpenERP support there are experts available who offer support round the clock with low downtime.

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OpenERP Training

OpenERP Training includes technical & functional this can be for the system you have implemented or for learning OpenERP implementation. Do check the qualification of the OpenERP expert and the method of training before selection.

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At GlobalTeckz are experts in OpenERP implementation, customizations & integration services. We believe in quality and offer you with proper timely development of your needs and requirements for OpenERP. At GlobalTeckz we offer OpenERP Experts who carries smooth methodology to ensures success

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