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Odoo -OpenERP Implementation Cost

OpenERP Implementation cost –

A blog post for those customers who are figuring out the minimum budgets requirement for their OpenERP implementation

OpenERP implementation cost

OpenERP implementation cost

This blog post dedicated to those clients and customers who are exclusively understanding the cost of implementing OpenERP for their business. The reason to cover this blog post is that many a times customer wants to understand the basic cost involved in Implementing OpenERP solutions for their business. Although as said that OpenERP is one of the leading Open source ERP software available in the market with 500+ modules that are freely available to install.

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Remember :

Installation v/s Implementation

The biggest consfusion with respect to OpenERP installation & OpenERP Implementation is the word client and vendor applies – let’s go more into the detail of what difference these 2 words hold

OpenERP installation – It is nothing but installing the modules on your own server – Installation is few hours job where you just need little expertise of OpenERP and via few clicks installations can be done – But even if you are looking out for errorless OpenERP installation you must need the help of expert resources.

OpenERP installation is done when someone needs to check the functionality of the software.

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OpenERP Implementation – OpenERP implementation is a wider term compare to OpenERP installation this involves a variety of duties such as OpenERP installation, Modules implementation, customization, user creation, business workflows mapping, products imports, suppliers & customer imports, hierarchy, roles and rights, quality control, customization, Testing, user training, roll out and support.

From the above two paragraph you have now understood the difference between – OpenERP implementation v/s OpenERP installation.

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Now let’s discuss on OpenERP implementation cost

OpenERP Implementation cost differs depending upon the following points 

Modules – OpenERP implementation cost depends on the number of modules you are looking out for your business.

Customization – Customization is another important factor that deals with OpenERP Pricing higher the customization higher would be the timelines and higher would be the costing per resources.

Companies – Another factor that decided OpenERP implementation cost is how many numbers of companies (multi-companies) you want to manage within OpenERP. There are many of our clients who are managing 3 sister concerns in one single openERP software.

SupportSupport or the number of days you require for handling your OpenERP software is another factor that can increase your costing

Development – Development can be offshore or onsite, incase you require few people to work at your organization then the cost of OpenERP implementations can be higher, where as via remote access offshore cost are little lower.

We cannot say the pricing directly through this blog because every organization have different needs and requirements for OpenERP which differs the pricing accordingly – The main factor on which OpenERP cost are determined is the timeline of the project including the final roll out

Not to say that compare to any other proprietary software OpenERP implementation cost are very much lower since it is free of licensing and there are many available modules which can serve basic purpose of the organization.

Also not to mention – Open Source = Free software – Free from freedom point of view (freedom from licence, vendor lock in, customization as per the requirements) not from Implementation point of view 🙂

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About Globalteckz: 

At GlobalTeckz we offer our clients with world class Business and Enterprise solutions. We are presence in France, India & Canada, and have successfully offered end to end solutions to our clients. Some of our services offering includes leading Open Source Solutions such as OpenERP, Magento, Joomla & SEO services.

We deliver excellence and quality for Information Technology & Software Solutions to our clients worldwide.

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