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Odoo magento connector has been developed by globalteckz team for Odoo every version right from OpenERP version 5. Globalteckz pioneered in migrating Magento Connnector to new version of Odoo as well as Magento 2.0.  Magento websites are considered as heart of any eCommerce merchants, any eCommerce merchants may sell his/her products via channels such as eBay, Amazon.com but having a magento store offer good advantage.

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Keeping in mind the rise of eCommerce merchants implementing Magento web store we at GlobalTeckz also Offers Odoo Connector for Magento. This connector helps you to manage your entire entire Magento store from Odoo itself including all your different stores for different countries. You can import products from Magento, Import orders from magento website, exporting of stock levels from Odoo to Magento, updating of status of orders from Magento.

Being Odoo ( is a web based tool you can manage all your magento stores from anywhere with the help of Internet connectivity. You get real time results and reporting as and when require that allows you with effective and efficient decision making. Apart from the functionalities Odoo (OpenERP) magento connector can be integrated quickly and cost effectively being Open source

We covered a blog post on Advantages of Odoo (OpenERP) Magento Integration Advantages on our External Blogs

Connect your Magento website with leading Open source ERP software – Odoo – contact our team on sales@globalteckz.com

Check out Odoo Magento Connector videos with complete flow  

Odoo eCommerce Connectors by Globalteckz


Odoo Magento Connector

Odoo Magento Connector App helps you to integrate your Magento store with Odoo and synchronize all the data.

Check this Odoo App

WooCommerce Connector

Connect your WooCommerce store website with Odoo and synchronize all the data and manage all your operations.

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Odoo Amazon Connector

Odoo Amazon connector also known as Odoo Amazon extension or bridge has been developed by Globalteckz

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Odoo eBay Connector

Connect your eBay store with one of the leading ERP software that synchronizes all your eBay data into one single solution.

Check this Odoo App

Shopify Connector

Connect your Shopify store website with Odoo ERP software and synchronize all the data and manage all your operations.

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Prestashop Connector

Odoo Prestashop Connector helps you with various features that enhance your experience after using an ERP software

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