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OpenERP Vanilla | Default | Out of the Box Implementation & Installation

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OpenERP Vanilla | Default | Out of the Box Implementation & Installation

OpenERP default, out of the box or vailla implementation

We covered few topics of OpenERP implementations services offered by GlobalTeckz. In this post we are specifically talking about Default OpenERP or Out of the Box or Vanilla OpenERP implementations services by GlobalTeckz. There are many terms which is used for simple implementation, some even say no customized software.

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If you are looking out for testing OpenERP software for your organization at a very low cost than this post is crafted for you and your business. OpenERP is considered as one of the leading Open source ERP software available for small and medium sized businesses. Another Advantage of OpenERP is that it is being modular in nature it allows you with variety of Modules & Apps that can be implemented out of the box quickly.

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Out of the box or vanilla implementation of OpenERP take less time as compare to customization and integration with 3rd party tool. Apart from that default implementation also ease the upgrades from one version to the new released versions

As an Example :

“If there is no customization in OpenERP Sales Management Module of version 7, then it becomes easy to migrate to Version 8 without any hassle.”

OpenERP out of the box implementation or vanilla Implementation cost less as compare to customized OpenERP solutions. Further you just need a server where you installation of OpenERP require and it gets performed quickly.

It is not only about the default or vanilla implementation of OpenERP software you can customize the modules as per your business processes. It should be noted that there is a difference between “Installation” & “Implementation

OpenERP Installation – it simply mean you have a server ready and we will be installing OpenERP default and out of the box installation on the given server. This doesn’t include user’s creation, roles, hierarchy, Data migration, Training, Support, Hand holding, tutorials and other related task.

OpenERP Implementation – This included everything which we discuss in the above OpenERP Installation point therefore Implementation can take little more time since there are data migrations and complete final testing of the product with every modules which is implemented as vanilla are working properly including the bug testing part and support.

Don’t get confused with the above 2 terminologies –

  • If you are planning to test OpenERP on your server – You need OpenERP Installation services
  • If you are planning to use OpenERP for your business – You need OpenERP Implementation services

If you are looking out for  OpenERP default or vanilla implementation/Installations for OpenERP 7 you can contact us on

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