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Odoo Support & Maintenance Package

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Odoo Support and Maintenance package is one of the services offered by Globalteckz Team. we are official Odoo partners and have provided support and Maintenance of Odoo software for many companies. Odoo ERP Support package and services offered by our team is crafted for companies who  already implemented Odoo software and looking out for Odoo Technical Support or Functional support from Experienced Team of Developers and Analyst.

ERP Support for any software after implementation is necessary just to ensure the system is running bug free and actions can be taken as and when required.

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Our dedicated team offers you with lowest turn around time through support ticket and many other methods that you are comfortable with. For example - A Big company can opt for Dedicated support team for 24X7 where you can easily communicate via telephonically, email or skype. Our Odoo Support package crafted for different implementation including Small companies, Medium sized companies and big Companies. We offer ERP support based on the number of tickets per month further you can opt for quarterly support, half yearly and yearly support once you like our services.

In recent years we have seen many clients who initiated with Odoo Basic implementation which is also called as out of the box or vanilla implementation with no customization. Odoo Basic Implementation package offers you with all the default features available in Odoo as per your choices.

Odoo ERP Support and Maintenance

ERP software implementation can be tricky and one of the most important part of complete ERP implementation starts when your finalize your software development. Yes ! that is where you need to answer most of the queries of your users. ensuring a powerful reliable support partner is key element for any ERP service offering. Globalteckz provides you with complete ERP support through various methods that suits your business.

Helpdesk Method 

Helpdesk method of support includes support through Whatsapp, email, Skype, Telephonically etc. Our Skill developers will provide you the solution to any technical related problems through simple solution. This method of support is very useful when you already have stable ERP system and need little support everyday or once in a week.

On-Site Support Method

On-Site support for Odoo is ideal when you are implementing any new features within the existing system or you have newly implemented system for your business. On-Site support method is also work when you have very mission critical process and your business is completely dependent on ERP software. Through On-site support our support executive visits your office in order to resolve any queries that has been raised by your team member. This method of support provides you with instant resolution on the question raised.


A customer portal designed by Globalteckz that offers complete information about the modules tips tutorial about the purchase you have done or the module you have customized for your business. Globaldesk helps your employee to understand how the app works and how data entry needs to be done to avoid any error messages within the odoo system.

ERP Application Development Support

There are many odoo apps available which you may purchase for your business requirements. We provide you with support on those modules too so you dont need to dependent on multiple vendors. Our professional support team work with you and 3rd party vendor to acquire the issues face within the apps that has been developed by them.

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Support is required

Enterprise resource planning software development can be tricky if a good support is not provided on time to the employees.

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399 $

Total Tickets = 10

Consumption Time = 3 Months




999 $

Total Tickets = 30

Consumption Time = 6 Months




2000 $

Total Tickets = 75

Consumption Time = 9 Months




2600 $

Total Tickets = 100

Consumtion Time =12 Months


In the above package, Odoo support there is no customization performed or new development undertaken – this package is meant only for Odoo bug fixing and resolving. The biggest advantage of this Odoo basic implementation package is that it ensure you to understand the basic functions of Odoo and with the same your different departments can learn which fields needs to be added and which should be removed. This ensures every department needs are taken care of while customizing the software in future.

Odoo Services Offered by Globalteckz

  • Odoo Basic Implementation

    Odoo basic implementation package also ensures you to minimize the cost by changing your workflow as per Odoo business processes in case require.

  • Out of the Box installation

    Odoo consist of variety of modules that can be used on default or Out of the box vanilla implementation, Understanding that every business have different workflows and business processes; We at GlobalTeckz offer you with customization services since being Open Source – it can be customized as per the business requirement. We completely understand the basic business flows of our clients before initiating any customization in Odoo software. We also offer new app / module development in to meet the needs of those clients which cannot be implemented from the existing modules customization.

  • 3rd Party Integration

    3rd Party software Integration is another area when you need other applications to be integrated with Odoo software. Being a web based ERP software it allows you to integrate all your 3rd party applications easily via available API keys or via web services. We have integrated many 3rd party software some of them are Magento Integration, Integration, eBay Integration, Shipping carriers such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, QuickBooks Integration and many more.

  • AMC & Support

    GlobalTeckz team offers support which can be an ongoing process. Our support plans based on Quarterly, Half Yearly and Yearly depending upon the requirement. We undertake and offer you with complete support of Project to ensure the software is working smooth. We also ensure that our client’s queries are resolved in no time. Therefore our resource works in multiple time zones to ensure support to other countries.

  • Training

    Odoo training can be Technical or Functional. We offer Tutorial at competitive pricing with expert resources via onsite, offshore such as skype or team viewer or via Documentation.

  • Odoo Consultation

    Consultation is another services Globalteckz team offer. ERP Consultation is vast and can be offered on Modules implementation, Customization, Industry wise and so on. Our Consultation team have many years of experience in Manufacturing, Trading and various other ERP implementation.

  • Upgrades & Migration

    Every year upgrades to new version happens with more strong features and modules to meet various business needs, therefore we also offer version migration of Odoo. Our team has successfully migrated Older version to the latest version for our customers.

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