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Today almost every small to big organizations working on creating their own website and for the same they hire Magento developer or pool of magento resources if the ecommerce development needs to be done on High scale. eCommerce development and implementation with Magento CMS is increasing among different organizations including wholesalers, retailers etc. Since Magento eCommerce offers you with wide variety of advantages. With Magento eCommerce you can customize your webstore as per your business requirement. Further Magento offers you flexibility in designing, development and adding new functionality. We have already covered a blog post with inforgraphics on top 5 reason to choose magento eCommerce for your Online business.

It can be trick if you don’t Hire Magento Developer with proper qualifications and experience and development can be tricky and lengthy if not implemented correctly with proper planning. In this blog post we are covering important points to remember before you hire Magento Developer. If you are thinking that Magento website can be developed by one single person than this blog post is for you. As Magento developers alone cannot make your website successful at least during the initial stages there are team including Magento consultants, designers, project manager and so on . . which works with different areas of magento to cultivate the website at a successful level.

Magento Experts and development companies are the lifeline to make your website up and running without any bugs everyday. Once the Magento development is done and you are in go live phase for support you can hire magento developer with proper experience to ensure the website is up to the mark. It is important to understand your magento development team and vendor before selecting them. Let’s discuss important points to remember while hiring Magento Experts.

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  • Freelancer or a Company

This is one of the biggest mistakes business do while selecting Magento Experts – There are freelancers available who are experience with Magento development but it is advisable to gain a team of freelancers or simply hire a company who expertise in Magento development with good number of resources.

  • A check on company client list is important.

A quick check on the client list and the complexities handled with the previous clients helps you in understanding the complex requirements your vendor can perform in case require.

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  • Reference Check

Asking for references from the client is another important task. After checking the client list you can simply drop an email to the existing clients for the references. In case of freelancer you can check the ranking on freelancer website about the project handled and the number of hours completed – this will help you to gain confident in the vendor for smooth magento implementation.

  • Pricing

Price is one of the most motivating factor while selecting Magento experts, Pricing range depend upon the quality of the project which magento vendor is offering. Further pricing by vendor is also sometimes calculated on the efforts and the quality of resource vendor is putting on your project. It is better to understand the workload before deciding on the pricing part.

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  • Implementation method

There are various implementation methodology magento vendors can perform during magento development. Check out the way vendor will implement your magento website, Number of employees working on your project and most importantly the experience of the team members.

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How Globalteckz Help you with Magento Development services

At GlobalTeckz our dedicated Magento team consist of variety of resources from Magento Project managers, Programmers, Developers, Quality team and so on . . . After extensive experience in implementing magento websites for our clients, we offer the highest level of quality which you may not get in freelancers.

Incase you have already implemented Magento website and looking out for further enhancement & customizations or development which you are missing in your current magento website you can feel free to contact us. We can offer you with consultancy on how you can enhance your Magento eCommerce site to your audience.

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