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We at Globalteckz offer you with Open Source workflow management software and  Business Process Management (BPM) Tool in our Services line. Our team has been initiated working on ProcessMaker which is one of the leading workflow management system and a Business Process Management tool to ensure your organization workflow automation are smooth from one department to another. ProcessMaker software is mainly crafted for organizations that have different workflow processes with various departments that can be streamlined via workflow automation.

About ProcessMaker

ProcessMaker Inc. is the developer of the ProcessMaker Workflow management system & BPM Software Suite is developed by ProcessMaker Inc. ProcessMaker helps organization to streamline approval and Business process management with more effective flow of data and information within different department of an organization. ProcessMaker is one of the leading BPM software that has crossed more than 7,50,000 downloads and has been used by many small to Big organizations.

In past few years Processmaker has won various awards including 20 Most Promising BPM companies of 2015; 2013 bossie award for “The best of Open Source software awards”; Best Web Tool in 2012 under the Business Process Management Category and many more. . .

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What exactly Workflow Management System Is?

A Workflow Management system also known as WFMS offers organization to set up, executes and monitor different workflow automation in an organization. Workflow Management software help the user to carve different workflows for various jobs and processes. For Example – A leave management in big organization may be a hectic task if there are different layers of people involved specially for lower level of employees. At each department specific individual are responsible for the approval of leave based on the designation and work load. This not only ease the process for the approver but also for the company to make sure the resources are fully optimized during critical times. Every completed task notified the upper department and this ensure without any hassle leaves are approved.

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The above example of automating a simple leave management process with Workflows and BPM software you can automate mission critical and complex processes of your businesses.

Globalteckz ProcessMaker Implementations

At Globalteckz we are happy to serve our clients worldwide who are looking out for streamline their business processes. Soon we will be adding more details about our Clients and work we completed, Stay tuned to Globalteckz for more articles

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