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SEO packages – Globalteckz

SEO Package | Search Engine Optimization Package | Social Media Marketing Package | Social Media Optimization Package

Search Engine optimization packages - SEO packages

Search Engine optimization packages – SEO packages

Globalteckz is glad to Announced Search Engine Optimization Packages / SEO packages specifically customized as per your company needs and requirements

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ? 

SEO or Search Engine Optimizations simply refers to enhance or increase increasing your website rankings in major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on . . SEO is a method where the visibility increases organically or naturally after various mix of method and strategy used by SEO experts.

Search engine optimizations is booming as almost every organization want to increase their online presence with website, social media, blogging, info graphics and other activities – Organizations are shifting their concentration from traditional marketing to online marketing activities such as SEO as buyers and customers first check website to know about reviews and other related details before buying and dealing with your company.

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How it affect your Business positively ? 

SEO plays very important role in today’s business and SEO activity can benefits you with many advantages:

1. More Website Traffic

More people visiting your website = more inquiries which means more leads & sales

2. Ongoing Promotions

Once your website is on top results you gain continuous promotions round the clock for your products and services.

3. Brand Value and Public High trust.

Searchers believe results or websites showed on the first pages by the search engines are trustworthy website therefore enhance public trust and Brand value

4. Provides information’s to Searcher

Only your website provide the message which customers are looking out for which further enhance visitors and sales.

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5. Competitive Advantage

Searchers in Google believes that top ranking products of first page results provides better product and serves the needs & requirements

6. Permanent and Long lasting results

The results of Search engine optimizations is permanent and long lasting which means that it is not like advertisement which stops showing when you stop paying.

7. Quick Return on Investment

Return on investment by starting SEO & search engine optimization activities is quick as compare to the paid advertisements.

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What Globalteckz can offer you ?

We offer you with variety of SEO services depending upon the needs of your website. We go through in detail about your products and services via which we ensure we gain basic knowledge before initiating our SEO process.

On page Optimizations :

  • Define Your Target Audience and Their Needs
  • Categorized Keyword Research
  • Finding Gaps and Opportunities
  • Define Competition on every keyword in Local as well as global market
  • Spying On your Competitors – Understanding the keywords and the content they used in every description.
  • Adding those keywords within every products
  • Optimizing every images with Alt tags
  • Optimizing the categories of each product & webpage with new keywords and so on

Social Media Optimization –

Social Media Marketing |Social media Optimization packages | SEO Packages

Social Media Marketing packages | Social Media Optimizations SEO packages

  • Social Engagement of site through social site likes Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, pIinterest and more.
  • social bookmarking
  • Social Networking Profiles creations
  • Social Networking Profile Optimizations
  • Content Sharing Optimization
  • Posting Daily Content for Continued Growth on each Social Media website.
  • Use Images When Posting to Facebook,Twitter, G+ and more.
  • Increase Exposure of your Communities With Social Buttons (on blogs and website)

Content Marketing:

  • Adding Blog to your website
  • Linking blog to your main company website
  • Creating SEO optimized articles
  • Publishing of Articles on various social media platforms and so on . .

Link Building

  • Targetting top website for adding your website link to other related website

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Apart from the above our SEO packages also include variety of other activities such as youtube & video marketing, infographics creation, PPC Campaign, email Marketing, Guest Blog posting, Press release distribution, Local directories submission and many more . .

SEO Package Pricing

Our Pricing is very competitive and we offer complete resource working full time on your projects – that is where we dedicate and enhance your website rankings

For pricing you can contact our team on sales@globalteckz.com

Contact us today to enhance your online presence 

For More information about costing you can contact our SEO team on sales@globalteckz.com. You can also visit our website www.globalteckz.com for more information about products and services

We work in multiple timezones and offer our services with Local Search Engine Optimizations.

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