Today many small to big organization offers facility towards advance salary which can be taken earlier in case of emergency or requirement to manage employee personal cash flow. Advance Salary Management module developed by Globalteckz allows you to define the criteria for the advance salary including eligibility and policies based on the current salary. Using this module, employees are granted the facility of applying for a Advance salary online over the network. These applications are sent for approval to the HR department or to the people in charge, where they are reviewed. Upon approval these request can be easily manage. The Advance Salary Management module offers a full range of automatic advance salary processing capabilities. Since most Salaries are processed and paid through the payroll of the person requesting them, it integrates the payroll system into the equation as well. This way, the accounts department need not worry about all of the different loan requests and having to manually calculate the payroll for each of the employees, when the advance salary management module is updated, so is the payment module and all of the other relevant modules in Odoo.

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This module provides you with following features

Configuration of advance salaries based on current salaries

Apply online without any hassles

Easily managed workflows for users and employees.

Create your own workflows for approvals based on hierarchy

Roles and rights configuration for every user

Linked with other related modules of Odoo.

Further customizable as per the needs.

After installation of advance Salary Module

Lets have a look onto the list of feature of this module After you install the module you can see the list of employees which you have created for simple example we have right now filtered with 3 major groups of people in the organization the employee, the Manager and the HR.

Based on the kind of hierarchy we need to create the list of users into the organization to whom the roles and rights will be provided based on the designation

Lets initiate creating the approval processes for the employee first we have application set as employee only which mean only employee can see the related users to the employee once the related user is assign you can save the employee form

In HR we have kept the employees as manager which means HR can manage the approvals for Managers level employees. You can also select the apps that you would like to apply to a particular employee.

For Manager we will assign the employees as manager, similary for employee we will assign as employee. As mentioned in both the image

For higher level employees you can easily assign different access rights for the menu which can be seen in Odoo ERP solution.


Here is the advance salary request made by the employee or manager which is right now in the draft stage. While making advance salary request the user need to add the date of request, Request Amount, user can also add the currency as an option and other details.

Here there is a setting which has been created that the Request amount will not be more than the salary of the employee which means if the advance salary request is higher than the actual salary the request will not be processed.

The 2 part which is confirmed date, approved date (DEPARTMENTWISE) Etc will be showed to the user once the approval take place in the
Once the request is created the user will save the request and click on the confirm button

Once the request is confirm it will move to the next department here in this case is Human resource department.

After the approval from Human Resource department the request will go to the next user in the hierarchy which is director in this demo case.

The advance salary request user can see the status of the requrest in department approvals.

The director can also confirm the payments and instruct the department to make the advance salary payments.

An Example of Employee contract Management which allows you to set up the maximum wage or salary, Duration, schedule pay, salary structure etc.

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