Globalteckz Employee overtime calculation Management allows you to manage handle overtime hours request by your team members and their calculations while preparing pay slip We design this module to ensure that the it is well integrated with HR and streamlined from the approval processes by different departments.

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Odoo Employee Overtime Management module offers you with following features:

Employee Overtime requests

Manage number of hours worked extra

Automatic Calculations in Pay slip

Different Approval processes can be maintained

After downloading this Module you can click on install button

User Set Up

We will initiate with User Set Up as an Administrator :
For that we will go in Settings > Users > and click on “Create Button”

We will create the employee user first then the Manager and then HR as showed in the below screenshot (You can create your own hierarchy as per your business needs)

Below are the image for the list of User of Odoo we created

Team Creation

You can click on employees > “Create Button ” for creating employees in Odoo.

Employee Creation

Below is the image for creating your Employee you can put the name and other position as per your organizational requirements

Manager & HR Creation

Similarly for Manager and HR you can put all the necessary details as showed in the below 4 images.

Employee Contract

To create employee contract you can click on “Create button” and put all the necessary information about the wages etc.

Requesting an Overtime and its process

As an example we will run a complete process how the Overtime approval is done, So the employee will log into the system

A form will Open and after filling out the number of hours of overtime for a particular month the employee will confirm the request

Manager process the Overtime

Manager can see the overtime requests and he can approve the process

HR Final Approval on the Overtime

After Manager approval HR will open the software to check the request

After approval when the HR will click on done button it will pop up a message

An hourly wage needs to be put for the calculations

Calculation of Overtime

The HR will create the employee pay slips and after selecting the employee click on compute button

Here is the below image for computation of salary including the overtime work


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