As we know that Product bundling is the combining of two or more products or services together, creating differentiation and greater value, therefore enhancing the offer to the customer for a basic rate. Product Bundling is based upon the idea that consumers usually save 7 to 15 percent more on the value of the grouped package than the individual items when purchased separately.
Consumers typically compare prices before deciding on a purchase—and consumers love choices because they make them feel in control. Product bundling for Point of sales or normal sales order with Odoo helps you to increase efficiency, therefore reducing marketing and distribution cost. It allows the consumer to look at one single source that offers several solutions.

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This module provides you with following features

Creating Single product pack with combination of products

Add several product as one single product

Print receipts

Reprint receipts

Maintain inventory for each bundle product.


Here as you can see in the below image that we are in Odoo version 9 where you can click on the point of sale menu

You can see we have a new menu created named as Bundled Product once you go into bundle products you can create new bundle product with special pricing

Here is an example of creating a new bundle product

If you notice here we kept three combinations of product to create a meal

After creating the list of different combo or bundle product pack you can resume to the point of sale system

You can select the bundle product sale in this we have example of a meal which includes burger, cold-drink and fries.

As a normal process you can select and set the customer

Here is an image of receipt for the ordered meal (bundle product) with special pricing

This module can be use either with Odoo point of sales or as normal sales. We are in the backend of Odoo where we can see the order

You can go into extra information to check the picking

Below image showcases the list of products related to this particular picking

Below image showcases the list of products related to this particular picking

Here is the delivery slip printed

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Available Version

V12, V10, V9


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