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As we know that Product Pack is the combining of two or more products or services together, creating differentiation and greater value, therefore enhancing the offer to the customer for a basic rate. Product Bundling is based upon the idea that consumers usually save certain percent more on the value of the grouped package than the individual items when purchased separately.

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Odoo Product Pack (Bundle)
This module provides you with following features

Creating Single product pack with combination of products

Add several product as one single product

Maintain inventory for each bundle product.

Create Sales Order and in picking have bundle items

Print receipts


Here as you can see in the below image that we are in Odoo version 10 where you can click on the Sales menu – a new menu named as Bundle Products has been created.

You can see we have list of Bundle products or product pack created already as showed in the below image

installing the module

Let’s showcase how we configure the bundle product by editing one of the existing product


Here is the bundle product configuration where you can configure as many of product you need as showed in the below image you can add up different products with different quantities


Sales order lines where you can see the product pack

List of particular product pack

Delivery slips

Delivery Slip format which can be further customized

The above connector is available for Odoo version 10 for the latest version or any queries feel free to connect with us over email – sales@globalteckz.com

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Additional information

Available Version

V12, V11, V10


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