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Odoo Debranding 16 Rebranding module developed by Globalteckz is simple and easy to use. This Rebranding module helps you to quickly change the aesthetic look of software and it is easy to customize with the color, fonts, Logo and Odoo branding changes. Odoo De -branding helps you to change almost every area of visuals, this helps you to give a personal touch based on your organization color-coding or logo or themes which you normally use. You can simply select the logo, favicon, fonts, colors from the color pallet and go ahead making your own personal software.

This Odoo Debranding/Rebranding Module provides you with the following features

Remove Odoo Logo.

Remove Powered by Odoo.

Link Powered by “your company name ” to your own website.

Remove Odoo favicon and add yours.

Change Top menu fonts as require.

Change Top menu Background Color.

Change Top Menu Font color.

Change the parent Font color.

Change the Background color of left menu.

Change font color of Sub Menus.


After installation of this module you can start rebranding or de-branding odoo the first part you can start removing from Odoo is the Share the love &  Community or enterprise edition logo from the dashboards.

odoo debranding 16

You can remove Copyright Odoo from ERP software website page

Removing My odoo.com Account

Here is an example of rebranding with your own logo


You can checkbox Remove Powered by from the below screen


Here is the example of removing app store, theme store, version, Odoo word from the software main screen

REMOVE APP STORE THEM STORE AND ODOO VERSION FROM debranding module for version 13 14 15 AND VERSION 16

Rebranding label from footer


Rebranding My Odoo.com account from the user dropdown menu

REMOVE MY ODOO.COM for version 13 14 15 AND VERSION 16
Rebranding and removing of default odoo links
remove odoo default link with debranding module for version 13 14 15 AND VERSION 16

Our Module developed by Globalteckz team offers you options either to keep it or remove or change the necessary feel of the Odoo rather just removing everything after just installation.

Benefits of Using this module for your Odoo ERP Software:

Odoo debranding module for 16

In any organization when you implement an ERP software. Organization feels to give a personal touch to the software so that the user use the solution as if they are using an internal software. That is where the debranding or rebranding done by the company who implement an ERP software. It allows you to create your own logo and give a company color combination to the ERP solution.

  1. De-branding or rebranding provides a personal touch to the users
  2. You can easily remove the logo
  3. Change the color codes of the software based on your business logo colors
  4. You can create your own fonts based on current company regulations.

Co-branding can take many forms. For example, a company might remove its name from a product, create a generic or unbranded version of a product, or downplay its branding in advertising and marketing materials. De-branding can be a challenging process, as brands often invest significant resources in building and promoting their identity. However, in some cases, debranding can be an effective strategy for improving the perception of a product or organization.

There can be several benefits, including:

  1. Increased appeal to a wider audience: Some consumers may be hesitant to try a product or service because of preconceived notions about the brand or because they feel it doesn’t align with their personal values or preferences. By debranding, a product or service can appeal to a wider audience that may not have considered it before.
  2. Reduced costs: Building and maintaining a brand can be costly, so debranding can help reduce expenses associated with marketing and advertising efforts.
  3. Increased flexibility: It can give a company more flexibility to pivot and adapt to changing market trends or consumer needs without being tied to a particular brand identity.
  4. Reduced negative associations: If a brand has suffered from negative publicity or a scandal, debranding can help distance the company from those negative associations and rebuild its reputation.
  5. Increased focus on product or service quality: By reducing the emphasis on branding, a company can focus more on product or service quality, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Frequently Asked Questions

This Odoo App is one-time purchase for a particular version of Odoo ERP that you select. For instance V. 14, V13 etc. You dont need to pay monthly fees or licenses.
Yes, this Odoo App is compatible with Enterprise and Community Edition both.
Yes ! You can fully customize this app as per your business needs and requirements. Customization charges are extra based on your requirements. You can contact our team on sales@globalteckz.com
This App comes with a warranty of 6 months from the date of purchase until any custom changes not made on this particular Odoo App by Third-party vendors. The Warranty of this app get Void if any third party customizations made any change in the core code.
Globalteckz offers you 6 months of No Cost support for apps costing above 399 Euros. For less than 399 Euros A 3 Month of Support is provided by Globalteckz Team. Support voids if there is any custom coding done in the core code by third-party vendor.
You can get the demo from our Experts on this Odoo App Kindly email us on sales@globalteckz.com for more information.
This Odoo App may require other supporting Odoo Apps to make the particular module fully functional. All our support apps are provided to you after you purchase this module from our app store. Supportive apps are almost free for community edition & Enterprise edition. That means you dont need to pay any extra cost for the same.

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V16, V15, V14, V13, V12, V11, V10


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