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Odoo Easypost connector | Odoo easypost integration – you get the benefit of having single software to manage all your shipping carriers and deliveries effectively and efficiently. Sign up and start shipping and tracking with UPS, USPS, FedEx, and more. … If you are looking to integrate (easy post)shipping into your site or fulfillment operation, EasyPost allows you to connect with all the major carriers in one simple integration.

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Odoo Easypost connector helps you to manage all your easy post carriers from Odoo. Maintaining a single software for all your shipping needs. EasyPost is a flexible, modern API that aggregates shipping APIs into one. Sign up and start shipping and tracking with UPS, USPS, FedEx, and more. Odoo Easy Post Connector – 

This module of Odoo Easypost connector provides you with following Advantages & Features

Quick installation

Easy to handle multiple shipments from EasyPost

Manage your EasyPost Account from Odoo itself

Enhance your delivery with this connector

Integrate all your shipping carriers with Easypost and manage them smoothly in Odoo

Gain the advantage of using single software without multiple backends

Manage Batches in Odoo from Easypost

Manage Batches in Odoo from Easypost

Manage Shipments of Easypost in Odoo

Generate Labels in Odoo itself

Further fully customizable as per your companies requirements.

After installation of the Module Odoo EasyPost Connector you can see that we have the menu created in Odoo. We will initiate by creating the EasyPost instance in Odoo.  You can click on Easypost connector > Click on Easypost instance > then after generating the API keys from your Easypost account – put those keys and click on Get Carrier.

Manage your delivery methods in Odoo from Easy Post

You can configure your Easypost configuration in Odoo

Here you can see an example of generating the labels in Odoo

Here are the details of your tracking information

You can also generate multiple shippings from list view

Here you can see the list of all easypost orders

You can also check for the labels which has been generated in Odoo

You can create the batches for easypost orders in Odoo

An example of already created batch

You can add or update the easypost shipments in batch.

Here you can see the list of batch orders . . . . . .

Read the whole detailed documentation of Odoo Easypost Connector by clicking the below button

Currently we have easy post for Odoo 10, & 12 if you are looking out for Odoo version 11 then kindly contact us – we can migrate it as per your request.

Frequently Asked Questions – Magento 2 Odoo Connector

Yes ! Our team provide you with demo version of Odoo connector where you can test the functions based on your requirements. We prefer you to have demo with our team member so that you can even raise any questions related to customizations or functionalities.
This Magento connector is specifically developed for Magento version 2 or higher. This connector will not work with 1.9 or lower version for that you can buy the lower version Magento connector.
Yes ! Globalteckz team offers you with complete end to end integration and testing of this Connector. We integrate test and support you after you purchase the connector including the integration.
We provide you with 6 months of support once you buy this connector from us! Any issues you face with the connector our team will be available to support you. We ensure that the support is quick with less turnaround time.
No ! This is a single connector which only needs to be installed at Odoo side. This reduces the risk at Magento live store also.

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