This module developed by Globalteckz team is to add discount on your total sales further it helps you to calculate taxes after the discount is applied.

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Global Sales & Purchase Discount with Tax calculation in Odoo version 10
This module provides you with following features

Apply discount on total sales order.

Apply discount on total Purchase order.

Both Fixed and percentage method can be work out.

You can set the maximum discount limits.

Tax calculations after applying total discount on final amount.

Global Sales & Purchase Discount Odoo version 10

As you can see we are in Odoo version 10 to initiate with the process we will click on Accounting and then Chart of Accounts as showed in the below figure

odoo global discount on sales purchase

Accounting set up for Discount

In the below image we can see that we have set up different discount accounts such as Purchase discount & Sales discount so you can check the amount of discount in Chart of Accounts.

discount accounts set up

Check boxing Discount account

congig odoo discounting

Check boxing expenses account for sales discount

configuring discount

You can go into sales – click on quotation – then click on creating a new quotation

sales quotation

Enter all the necessary details

adding all details

Here you can provide sales discount based on fixed or percentage basis


lets select percentage

percentage basis discount

Here you can see the percentage discount is showed

sales receipt format




pdf invoice

Let go into the purchase management module

purchase discount

checkbox Apply discount and select fixed discountmethod

request for quotation in odoo

Below you can see fixed discount is added

fixed method discount in odoo


purchase confirmation

discount calculations for purchase

odoo purchase invoice


purchase invoice bill in odoo

configuring the fixed and percentage discount maximum limit

setting up maximum discount

above app for Global discount on sales and purchase is available for Odoo version 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 the latest version for any queries feel free to connect with us over email – sales@globalteckz.com. You can also customize this module further based on your requirements

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