Magento is one of the leading Open source eCommerce CMS and widely used by many eCommerce merchants worldwide from small to Big companies, With the growth of Magento website implementation globalteckz brings you out with Odoo Magento connector where you can synchronise all the data from Magento website into Odoo and no need to go in Magento back end to handle things which can be managed from Odoo. With Odoo Magento connector by Globalteckz you get advantage of a full fledged Open source ERP software for eCommerce trading Business. Recently Magento version 2 has been released where there are changes in the API therefore we specifically crafted Odoo version 10 latest Odoo to connect with your Magento 1.9 version.

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This module provides you with following features

Creating magento stores

Import of attribute sets from Magento to Odoo

Import product attributes from Magento to Odoo

Import product categories from Magento to Odoo

Import of Products from Magento to Odoo

Import product stocks from Magento to Odoo

Import of customer groups from Magento to Odoo

Import customers from Magento to Odoo

Import taxes from Magento to Odoo

Import orders from Magento to Odoo

Export order status from Odoo to Magento

Import Invoice from Magento to Odoo

Import Shipment from Magento to Odoo

Update Simple Type products from Odoo to Magento

Export simple type products from Odoo to Magento

Export customer Group from Odoo to Magento

Export Stock / Inventory from Odoo to Magento

Maintain Magento Logs

Manage your own workflows

After installation Odoo 10 Magento 1.9 connector

After installation of this Odoo 10 Magento 1.9 connector module from Globalteckz you can see the menu Created on your Odoo front. Installation guide can be found after buying the module with 100% support directly with the development team.

Creating Magento Instance

After installing the module you can see there is Magento Menu created where in Magento menu you can start creating the instance

Click on Magento instance – A form will open

Put the name of your instance, Location, User name & password

After putting all the information you can click on Save button.

Testing Odoo Magento Connector

Once you click on Save button you can test your connection by clicking on Test Connector button

If everything is added properly you will received a message on the same page Test connection Successful,

You can proceed with the synchronization

Creating magento stores

Incase the connection is not successful you can correct the information added.

After testing the connection you need to create Magento store in Odoo which will come based on the number of Magento stores you hold.

Click on Create stores button and all the stores will be created in Odoo ERP.

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Additional information

Available Version

V12, V10, V9, V8

Compatible with Magento version

1.9 or Lower


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